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I’m very excited to be reviewing a beautiful cushion that I received from Your Design, a personalised gifts website. With Christmas done and dusted I just started to think I was off the hook in terms of present buying for a while… But wait! Just around the corner there is Valentine’s Day- 14th Feb for all those forgetful men out there 😉 Shortly followed by Mother’s Day. After that there’s Easter. Must NOT forget my (first) anniversary, and of course so many Birthdays. Rarely a month goes by when I don’t have to buy a present for someone.


With all these occasions constantly cropping up it is hard to find time to go out and buy presents, so I do tend to online shop. One website that has impressed me is Your Design, After I was messaged and kindly offered a product from the site I had a little look at what the range was like. The choice of gift is fantastic. I especially like the added detail that many of the items can be personalised. I can honestly say I could find something on the site for every one of my family, which is very rare.

My Personalised Cushion

I finally decided on one of the personalised cushions. I love a cushion, me. As a recently married lady I’m still getting used to being in the little club that Lily and Joe have been in without me. Or “Team Perkins” as we like to call it. So I decided to choose a pillow with a tree and the caption “The Perkins Family”.


The arrival time was extremely fast: ordering on the Tuesday it arrived on the Thursday. Great for last minute gifts! But it is the quality that has really impressed me. The cushion is plump and a nice shape, the material is soft, the writing and picture of the tree is clear and neat. It’s brilliant that they can produce and send out such a great product in such a short amount of time! Just a little detail but one both me and Joe really liked is that the zip of the cushion is covered with a flap of material, making it that bit tidier.


We are so impressed and really recommend We will definitely be using it ourselves for those forthcoming occasions. I received my beautiful personalised cushion from Your Design for free. As way of thanks I have written this review. However all thoughts and opinions are very much my own.

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  1. These are really sweet gifts. Sometimes personalised stuff can look a little tacky but these look really nice and something i’d definitely have in my home 🙂

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