Vital Baby Review: Stick & Slide and Swim Rings

Lily is a water baby. She loves swimming, jumping in the paddling pool in the summer, and she loves bath time. So when we were sent some bath toys from Vital Baby we were thrilled.

Vital Baby


Opening the box we loved the beautiful and smart packaging. Lily couldn’t wait to get her hands on the toys, so they are most definitely enticing for children! She was most drawn to the Swim Rings, to be honest I was too, they just looked fun and exciting.

Vital Baby

Bath Time

Although Lily loves it when she’s in the bath it’s always a bit of a palava getting her in. For some reason even though she loves nothing more than a splash about, she takes the opportunity before her bath to run around like crazy upstairs. You just see this little bare bottom rampaging around and her cheeky giggle! Once I pin her down and dunk her in the bath she immediately goes for her toys. The current ones were looking a little tired so it was great timing with the new ones being sent.

Vital Baby

My only bugbear with bath toys in general is that I find they do have a limited lifespan, as the water gets on to them/inside them and they start to get black and mouldy. I’m told that if you wash them in Milton sterilising water it gets rid of it, but we do tend to just replace them.

Stick and Slide

The first toys we tried were the Stick and Slide bath toys. These currently retail at just £5.99, and for the price they are a fab little toy. They come dismantled and despite clear instructions I still struggled slightly with the assembly. The main problem for me was the suction cups didn’t want to cooperate and stick to the slides. (Especially one particular cup). Eventually we got there and we stuck them to the side of the bath, as they wouldn’t stick to the tiles. I like them sticking to the bath anyway as it’s easier to dunk them in the water and encourages Lily to stay sitting down rather than standing up and slipping over like she usually does!

Vital Baby

There are two cute little squirty toys included: a frog and a duck. They sit on their little surf boards and the idea is you push them down the slides in to the water. Lily enjoyed playing with them and although she didn’t spend long pushing them down the slides in the game that is intended, she made up her own games with them instead. She certainly enjoyed spraying the water out of them! I can see the slides lasting longer than other types of bath toys as they will be nice and easy to clean. As Lily gets older and understands the game more I’m sure she will love pushing her toys off them, and plonking them in the bath.

Vital Baby

Swim Rings

The following night we tried the Swim Rings, which retail at £9.99. Lily was so excited to play with these, it was much easier to get her to jump in to the bath so we were on to a winner already. I really love these toys. They are simple and great fun. I love the brightly coloured squirters, and so does Lily. She got the hang of this one immediately and put the squirters on their coloured rings. This is also a great game for children learning their colours. I could say to Lily “Find the red ring for the lobster.” and she would grab it.

Vital Baby

There is a fantastic selection of different squirters from the hippo to the turtle. Lily loves them and didn’t stop giggling the whole of bath time. Both bath toys help develop hand to eye coordination. They are great imaginative play. Fantastic value, and made with safe materials such as latex free (I am allergic myself to latex so this is great!)

Vital Baby


We would highly recommend the vital baby bath toys: the Stick and Slide as well as Swim Rings. For a slightly younger child,or for a top up present, the Stick and Slide is great. For a slightly older child we felt the Swim Rings were more entertaining. Both toys however were great fun. I am even be tempted to buy some Milton solution to clean them properly so that they last longer as we love them so much!

Vital Baby

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*Vital Baby sent us these toys for free in return for an honest review. As usual all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Ooo these look great and I will put them on our present wish list. Any bath toy which lets water inside definitely has a short life span and we too just chuck them every so often. Other toys go in the dishwasher every so often for a clean.

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