Top 10 free pregnancy/baby apps

In this day and age there is a app for pretty much everything, and this is no different when it comes to pregnancy and baby apps. There are so many out there so I have put together a list of the ones I found the best:
1. BabyCentre

Probably my favourite app when I was pregnant. I loved looking at the daily and especially monthly updates, learning what had changed and developed with my baby and how big she had got. It also comes with helpful videos and tips as well as “birth clubs”, I joined the May 2014 birth club where you can talk to other mums due around the same time as you. It also has a pregnancy checklist so you can keep track of things to do and appointments you have coming up.

2. Emma’s Diary/Bounty

These two apps I am lumping in to one because they purely made it to the list for their free baby packs. The apps themselves I didn’t find great, however inside the free packs which you can collect from Boots you get things like mini tubs of sudocream, washing powder, sample packs of nappies etc. The sudocream we found especially useful for keeping in the changing bag!

3.  Mothercare 

A great way of quickly purchasing any last minute baby bits before the big day! You can personalise the app with a photo of your baby once they’re born and their date of birth. When you sign up to the Mothercare baby club you also receive benefits such as access to the sale a day before other people, which as I spoke about in a previous post is really useful! 

4. Contraction timer

I downloaded this as I edged closer to my due date and it was incredibly useful when the big day came! I will probably write a post about my birth experience at some point but when I first started experiencing contractions I thought they were just Braxton Hicks. So when my partner came home from work and I had been having them for about 5hours I thought I better start timing them just to see if they were the real thing. The app made me realise I really was having contractions and allowed me to time how long each one lasted, along with how far apart they were. It also made it a lot easier for me to tell the midwife on the phone what was happening.

5. Kicks count

A great little app, most people have heard of the Kicks Count Charity campaign, and this is the app for it. It allows you to record the kicks you feel your baby give you. It also has a graph so you can see what is normal for your baby. It’s really a great app and allows women to be more aware of movements.

6. Pregnancy smiles

Weekly images of the baby’s developments, bump selfie gallery, a kick counter, as well as advice and tips. This app has it all! I especially love the bump pictures and it’s a lovely way to record your pregnancy journey. I love looking back on how my tummy grew to the size of a house!

7. Mush

Basically tinder for mums. Not that I’ve ever used tinder! (In case Joe’s reading this!) You start by making a profile, upload a photo of you or you and your little one/ones. You then complete a short questionnaire that establishes what kind of person/mum you are and matches you with similar mums! The best thing is the mums it matches you with are mums in your area. You then choose to connect with the ones you think you would get on with and you can chat/vent about motherhood or arrange play dates! Really good for mums who have just moved to a new area or don’t have many other mummy friends.

8. Pregnancy and baby- What to expect

Another of my favourite apps for pregnancy. Allows you to input your due date and you get daily updates on your pregnancy. I also love the size of fruit comparisons telling you how big your baby is now! There is also a countdown to your due date which believe me goes down really quickly!! 

9. Baby Sticker- Capture baby milestones

One for all those social media mums. This app allows you to capture photos of your baby at each milestone and put a cute sticker or text next to it such as “1 week old today”. I love this and it’s great to keep and show your little one when they get older, or family who live away so they can see how much the baby has changed.

10. Find Baby changing Facilities

Last but by no means least this little app is a great one for those practical mums out there. If like me you need to know where the nearest baby friendly place is to change your little ones nappy this is the app for you. It also gives the option to rate the facilities so you can avoid any particularly gross ones. I once found myself in a nearby town having a mooch about with Lily when she did her business in her nappy. I then went on the app and searched where I was, it led me to a lovely little cafe where I changed Lily (twice actually after a second poosplosion!) and enjoyed a yummy piece of cake too!

There are so many apps out there and it’s all about picking the ones that suit you best. These are the ones I recommend anyway, and I would love to hear which ones you found best!

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