TOMY Toy Review: Spin & Splash Jellyfish; Shake & Sort Cupcakes and Aquadoodle

I don’t know who was more excited for our delivery of TOMY toys, Lily or me! I’m such a kid at heart and I love it when Lily gets a new toy to play with. We were lucky enough to receive three TOMY toys through the post to review. Here’s what we thought..


Spin and Splash Jellyfish

We love a bath toy, and one that doesn’t include squirting water out as those only seem to last five minutes before they get that black water mould on them, and have to be chucked. This fun toy fills up with water and then spins it out making the water dance and wriggle about. It’s simple enough for Lily to work out how to play with it without my help, and means she doesn’t get frustrated trying to use it.

It has a fun design with the bright colours, Lily (and me) initially thought it was an octopus rather than a jellyfish, but that doesn’t matter. She was just excited to explore what it did! However the most fun we had with the jellyfish was when we used it in the garden in the paddling pool. Lily and Joe had a fantastic time cooling off in that scorching heat wave playing with it!


Shake and Sort Cupcakes

These were by far the biggest hit of the three toys. Lily loves things like this that she can stack, and organise. They have shapes on their bottoms that can be sorted, which is great for learning. They also rattle, so younger children and babies will love them too. My favourite thing about these is that they come in a handy travel case, perfect for taking out and about to friends and family’s houses. We recently took them with us when we went on holiday and they were so handy to get out and entertain Lily for a while.

My only slight criticism was the case itself wasn’t easy for Lily to open- cue her asking me to open it every five seconds as I was washing up. But still, the fact that it’s not easy for toddlers to open could actually be a good thing in some circumstances! Again they are brightly coloured and would make a brilliant gift for a 0-3 year old.



The perfect gift for us as although I’ve found a new love for messy play, Joe hasn’t so much! Cream carpets and paint/crayons don’t go very well! The Aquadoodle takes the mess out of creative play, whilst keeping the fun. With different tools such as the pen, stamps and brush your little one can experiment and get creative! We’ve been working on Lily writing her name recently, and this has been great for that. She can practise holding the pen and it’s a colourful fun way of learning. As you press down on the mat the water creates colourful shapes and lines which was fascinating for Lily to discover.


We were very impressed with each toy sent to us, and they were all toys we would choose ourselves for Christmas or Birthdays. You know with TOMY that you’re getting excellent quality and a reasonable price. I would highly recommend these toys and we have had great fun playing with them.


I received these toys in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. She’s such a cutie. I love TOMY toys, I really wanted to get Finny an Aquadoodle when he was little, but I just never got round to it, he has been deprived. I am definitely going to have to invest in one for Emmie!

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