3 in the bed & the little one said…I’m going to stretch out & boot you in the face

Before I had Lily I always said that I wouldn’t “co-sleep”. I’m known as the safety monitor and I worry so much I never thought I would share a bed with my baby, due to the dangers associated with it. Well apart from the odd dozing off during a night feed for a second I never did share a bed with Lily when she was tiny, but the last year that has changed…


Night Feeds

Once Lily turned 1 we dropped all her night feeds, the problem was she still woke up about midnight where she was used to having a feed. Whereas when she was younger I would nurse her back to sleep, once that stopped I struggled to get her to settle again in her cot. his combined with my going back to work meant the easy option was to bring her in the bed with me. This has been ongoing since then, so about the last year. If I bring her in to our bed with me as soon as her head hits the bed she is snoozing again. In the interest of me, and her getting any sleep I have got in to this “bad habit” of every night bringing her in. I don’t really mind, it’s certainly better than going to work with my eyes like sandpaper from no sleep, you do what you have to do. The only thing is Lily tends to spread out rather a lot. She sleeps in between me and Joe and usually ends up horizontal. Some nights I get the head, which can sometimes end up completely on my face. Other nights I get the feet and booted in the mouth numerous times. It’s not exactly good quality sleep!




Big Girl Bed

Now Lily is 2 and a half, and the subject of more children has come in to conversation I have always said I need Lily to be sleeping well before we had another. Not only this, but as Lily gets bigger the amount of space we each have in our bed gets smaller! So this week we have the week off and we are going to lower the bars of her cot so it’s a proper bed for her, and try to keep her in her bed all night. I’m going to be armed with a reward chart and stickers, something that has worked well with Lily in the past. I will be posting about how we get on and doing a daily diary.





I know I will end up just wanting to bring her in to have a cuddle (and sleep!), and I will miss it, it is so lovely having that cuddle at night. It’s hard to pin Lily down for one during the day as she’s so lively, but I know it has to be done. Wish me luck!!! P.S. Any tips that people have on making this transition as smooth as possible please let me know!



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  1. Hi Beth
    Your title made me giggle!
    We’ve always felt the same about co-sleeping – I was so worried when I found out my friend was doing it with her tiniest from birth :-0 But it worked for then and all was well… I like the idea of it when children are more like Lily’s age – but my 3 year old has always been a pain in the backside when he’s brought into bed. The romantic cuddles and cuteness ideal never worked when he just kicked, thumped and never slept!
    Good luck with the transition, stick at it and lots of cuddles in the day and over bedtime story I say! Kx

  2. Good luck with the transition! I always said once ben was six months he’d go into his own room but that’s in two weeks. I’m now saying there’s too much in his room to tidy so I’ll sort it after Christmas 😂😂😂

    1. Haha, thank you! It’s just so true, usually it’s my husband that gets the boot right in the chops which is funny until she adjusts herself and I get her bum right in my face! xx

  3. Hahaha…Boot you in the face! Too true! It will take time but it’ll happen. I have been guilty of doing the same when I was just too tired to boot my kids out of my bed. Good luck with the transition. #bigpinklink

    1. We do what we can to get a bit of sleep I guess! Although sleep is difficult when I have my two year olds stinky bum in my face or a toe up my nose so hopefully we can get her sleeping in her bed all night soon! x

  4. Ah I hope it goes well! We moved my eldest son to his bed at 21 months so he was too young to understand about reward charts and stuff, we just literally put him in the new bed one night and we were lucky in that he never asked any questions!
    With regards to more children and sleeping though, I wouldnt worry too much – my eldest has always been a terrible sleeper and I worried how we’d cope adding more children in to the mix before he was settled. I have since had two more babies…my eldest is still a terrible sleeper and showing no signs of improving…but the two babies are fantastic sleepers and both slept through from 10 weeks old. They’ve never been an issue…and if we’d had have waited for the eldest to improve I think we’d have been waiting forever lol. Thanks for joining us at #sundaybest, hope to see you again tomorrow!

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