Best Buys: The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep

I think I just hypnotised my child. Seriously.

What I bought: The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep. A new way of getting children to sleep. By Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin.

How much it cost: £4 from Amazon.

Lily has always been a pretty average sleeper. She’s never been one to keep me up the entire night even when she was a tiny baby so we do count ourselves lucky. However she’s also not been one of these magical children who sleep through the night from day dot. The struggle often occurs when it comes to settling Lily to sleep, once she is asleep she tends to stay asleep. The difficult part for me and I think a lot of parents is getting her to calm down and accept the sleepiness! Honestly, if someone asked me to go to bed early or have a nap in the day I would embrace it!

Anyway, I had heard of this book that was meant to be making children everywhere fall asleep like little angels. So after one particularly bad week of bedtimes I caved and purchased a copy.

The first thing I would advise is to read the  “Instructions to the reader”. Oh, by the way it comes with a “warning! Do not read this book out loud close to someone driving any type of vehicle”. Scary stuff.

In the instructions it explains how to read the book to your child. You have a code which relates to how you read certain words: A word in italics means you should read the word slowly; a word in bold means emphasise the word. Then there are actions such as say the child’s [name] or [yawn].

Once you’ve got your head around that I would suggest having a quick read of the book to familiarise yourself with it, rather than stumbling over the very strange plot. It is a children’s story based on a rabbit going to find his friends who will help him fall asleep, but it has some strange bits in there that could throw you when you read it for the first time.

So what happened: The first time I tried it with Lily she was in a hyper mood. She had a long nap earlier in the day and was not going to go to bed without a fight. I put her in her cot with the lights out, and using only my phone to see I started to read the story. I tried to help create a calm atmosphere by reading the entire thing in a soft calm voice, then following all the rules I had read in the instructions. I kid you not she was asleep after the third page. It felt really strange like I had just hypnotised my child to sleep! Don’t get me wrong though, it was pretty amazing too.

A few nights later Lily was being tricky at bedtime again, this time when I tried to read the story she was having none of it so I gave up after a few pages. However in the 4 or 5x I’ve resorted to using it, it has worked nearly every time. I think if the lights are off, you keep your voice calm, and you follow the instructions this book does seem to work! If you have tried it or you’re thinking of now you’ve read this let me know how it works for you!


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