‘Tis The Season To Be Snotty… And Have Duvet Days

The leaves are golden and falling to the ground. The heating has come on as well as the jumpers. The evenings are getting darker earlier: It is most definitely Autumn. And as well as the excitement that comes with the winter months: Halloween parties, my birthday is in November and of course CHRISTMAS!! The colder months also bring about pesky colds and snotty toddlers.

Last night Lily seemed a bit restless, I thought she sounded stuffy but hoped it was nothing. However sure enough today she is a little snot bag. I have been sneezed on approximately 500x and wiped her little nose so much we have run out of tissues. I decided not to bath her tonight to avoid getting her cold and shivery. Instead I gave her a bottle of warm milk, she still has it like a little baby in my arms. I then put her to bed to try and sleep it off. Despite not really having a temperature I gave her calpol to try and ease any aches she might have, and allow both of us to hopefully get a bit of sleep!

We have had a nice lazy Sunday anyway, we watched Santa Claus 1 and 2 earlier and it was the first time she has sat through an entire film! We’re getting in the Christmas spirit already and Lily keeps talking about Father Christmas. She loves looking at photos of him on my phone and keeps asking when he’s coming. I’m thinking of doing a special Christmas Eve box for Lily this year and start a tradition so keep posted for that! She didn’t really understand Christmas last year so this year I am going to go all out. The house will be a little grotto of Christmassy tackiness and I can’t wait! In the mean time fingers crossed for a few hours kip tonight and a less snotty girl in the morning!



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