10 Ways I’m #RockingMotherhood

I’ve been nominated by Vicky at Being Tilly’s Mummy to write this post about the ways I am #RockingMotherhood! All too often us mums put ourselves down, so I love this tag! Most of the time I feel like I am not rocking motherhood at all, but this post forced me to think of ways that I am a good mum. After getting stuck at number 3 for ages I did manage to think of ten ways, so here goes!

1. Because I love my daughter

The most simple and obvious thing. But loving my daughter means I give her my absolute all. I take care of her, I try to make her happy, she is my world. You hear it said that you don’t know true love until you have a child, and I felt that with Lily. There is just nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

rocking motherhood

2. Because I show my emotions

I often think of this as a way I’m not a good mum. But actually I think showing Lily that it’s OK to show your emotions can be a good thing. If I’m happy I laugh, if I’m sad I cry. I’m not a robot and I like to think this is a pretty healthy way to be.

Rocking Motherhood

3. Because I overcame my fear of messy play, and actually fell in love with it!

Until Lily was 2 years old I never did a single messy play activity with her. The thought of mess on the carpet or clothes was too much for me! However after attending a local toddler art class and seeing how happy it made Lily I caught the messy play bug! Since then we have made Christmas tree ornaments, painted pumpkins, made suncatchers, sparkly snails, and more!

Rocking Motherhood

4. I put Lily above everything else

There is absolutely nothing that is more important than her. If she needs clothes and I need clothes but I can’t afford both, she would be the one that gets them. Our days are planned so that it works for her and her routine, she is just always put first.

Rocking Motherhood

5. I can see what a wonderful girl she is, so I must be doing something right!

If she sees me or her Dad upset she will comfort us. She is funny. Clever. Imaginative. Fun. Just an amazing little person!

Rocking Motherhood

6. I was thrown in to motherhood unexpectedly, and took it in my stride

Lily was a (very happy) accident, after me and Joe had only been together for 1 month. It was scary but exciting and straight away I feel that I took it in my stride. I hope that shows resilience and strength, and it was the best thing I ever did! Not everything in life has to be planned!

Rocking Motherhood

7. Because I read books… and do the voices

I admit I like to pretend I’m reading on the CBeebies bedtime hour sometimes! I especially like to throw in a few accents occasionally, Australian my personal favourite.

Rocking Motherhood

8. Because I’ve learnt to cook!

Before I had Lily I couldn’t cook much more than beans on toast. Now I have quite a selection of dishes I can cook. Keeping Lily healthy with nutritious meals is really important to me, even if she can spot a slither of onion a mile away and picks it out.

Rocking Motherhood

9. Because I teach Lily through play!

I don’t sit there and recite the alphabet until she can repeat it. But we will do an alphabet puzzle, or sing the alphabet song. We will count her HappyLand characters or look at her inflatable globe.

Rocking Motherhood

10. Because we value family time

Sundays are our special day and we always make sure we spend it together. Sometimes we will just relax at home playing games or having an indoor picnic. Other times we plan a day trip out somewhere like Drusillas. I especially love it when we go out as seeing Lily’s face so excited is the best thing in the world.

Rocking Motherhood

Phew I managed to do it! Thank you Vicky for the nomination. I am now nominating:

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Have fun ladies!

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  1. Aww I love this! What great idea to reflect on how well you’re doing. I definitely feel ya on the whole fear of messy play thing – I think I enjoy it more than Ella does now!!

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