Review: Toucan Box Subscription

It’s no secret Lily and I love a bit of quality time creating our little masterpieces. So when I saw the Toucan Box subscription I was instantly intrigued.

Toucan Box

What is the Toucan Box?

A monthly subscription posted to your door addressed to your child, containing crafting materials and a booklet with instructions on how to make something. The booklet also contains colouring in pages, puzzles and more.

How much is it?

I got my first box free with O2 Priority Moments, and I have a couple of codes for a free box if anyone is interested. After that they are charged at £3.95 per month plus 98p postage. A total of £4.93 for the box each month.

Toucan Box


The Toucan Box is a handy size that fits through the letter box, so you don’t have to worry about someone being in to accept delivery, and such a nice surprise for the kids when they get home. I like that it’s addressed to the child as all kids like getting mail! Once opened the box explains what this months activity is, for us it was a festive themed box, creating beaded ornaments.

The beads were all nicely packaged so that the colours were separate and we put them in to little pots for ease of access. Although Lily did manage to spill them all over the floor at least 5 times! This may not be good for families with younger children at the “everything goes in mouth” stage.

Toucan Box

Target Age

When I ordered the box it did warn me that Toucan Boxes are aimed at the over 3s, however I was confident it would still be suitable for Lily. On the box it has a grading system: Grown Up Assistance; Messiness; Drying Time Needed. This box was rated low on the grown up assistance, I would just up this for under 3s, Lily needed a lot of help from me, but it was still great fun.


We quickly got started creating our Christmas Tree ornaments, starting with the red and white candy cane. Lily got the hang of threading the beads on to the pipe cleaner quickly and enjoyed herself. I encouraged her as they suggested to make a pincer type shape with her fingers. This activity is great for building fine motor skills, and strength and control to help with their writing.

Toucan Box

Next we started making the snowflake ornament. This was a little more complicated and Lily by this point did lose some interest and was having more fun just playing with the beads/scattering them all over the floor and picking them up again. However she still threaded a few on and was impressed with the finished article. I had fun making it anyway!

The candy cane was a lot more successful than the snowflake, and now on the tree the candy cane is holding its own, whilst the snowflake looks like it’s given up on life. But like these things so often turn out, the enjoyment was in the making rather than the finished article.

After a break and some lunch we returned to the table to do some colouring in, and enjoyed some of the other activities in the booklet. Lily especially liked spotting the festive things hiding in the snow game.

Toucan Box


If you’re thinking of getting the Toucan Box Subscription I would really recommend it. We had a great indoors day enjoying the activities and it entertained Lily well. They are probably right in that in order to get the most out of the box the child needs to be at least 3 years old. However if you’re child will sit for 30mins or so and concentrate on an activity they can definitely get a lot of pleasure out of it. I would say it would be a great thing to take with you to relatives houses for visits to keep the kids happy, or whilst at swimming lessons waiting for older siblings.

Toucan Box

Value for money I would be happier paying around the £3.50 mark including postage for what you get in the box- some craft materials available at a Poundland and a little activity booklet. However the variety each month along with the convenience of it being neatly packaged and sent to your door does in my opinion make the subscription worthwhile. I’m already looking forward to the next box!

Toucan Box


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