Review: The Llama Park, East Sussex

Guest Post from Mr A Blonde And A Baby (Joe) A Visit to The Llama Park

I have Lily most Tuesday’s whilst Beth is at work, and I always try to get out somewhere with her, but we never really try anywhere new. Yesterday I needed to take my car to be repaired in a different part of East Sussex, so once I knew we would need to hang around for a while I googled nearby places to visit. I found the Llama Park and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, but I have got to say I was incredibly impressed.

The Llama Park

We arrived at The Llama Park around 8:30 and were spotted hovering around by the owner who told us that they weren’t actually open yet, however he was extremely friendly and invited us in. He offered to either let us straight in to the park, or in to the cafe for some breakfast. I politely refused at first but after (not much) persuasion I accepted and ordered a full English for Lily and me to share. The food was delicious and they were very accommodating. I also ordered a coffee and they put some milk froth in a little cup for Lily to drink too. They have WiFi there and it was a nice cosy little place to spend some time. There is a restaurant for main meals as well as a lounge area with open fire.

Full English Breakfast

After breakfast the gentleman we spoke to earlier offered to get one of the llamas out and Lily could feed it. Lily loves animals and this was so exciting for her. She fed the llama carrots, and has been telling Beth all about and how much she enjoyed it.

The Llama Park

The park itself is great for all ages, Lily at 2 and a half loved seeing the animals. As well as llamas they have pigs, turkeys, reindeer and more. There is plenty of space for kids to let off steam and hills to run up and down. There is also a little bouncy castle they don’t inflate if it’s too wet or windy, but they offered to inflate it just for Lily.

The Llama Park

Despite the outside naturally being muddy the toilets were immaculate. As a dad out on his own with his daughter I was surprised and relieved to see two disabled toilets with clean baby changing areas, and somewhere I could take Lily to the loo. Although Lily isn’t in nappies now the changing table was clean and had a large white roll holder attached you could pull across for extra hygiene.

The Llama Park

Overall I was so impressed with the park. It is clearly a lovely family run place and the people there went out of their way to accommodate us. They had no idea we were going to write this review so no ulterior motive. I highly recommend the park, and we will be making the trip again and bringing Beth this time!

The Llama Park

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