Rainbocorns Zuru Series 2 Review- A Fluffy Scented Surprise

Rainbocorn Delivery

We had some exciting post delivered this week when Zuru Toys  posted us a Rainbocorn Series 2 and a Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts! These they are a must have for the Birthday/Christmas list if your child enjoys surprise egg style toys. I love anything unicorn related, it seems like the world has become obsessed, so these are completely on trend. Not only that but they are a really great toy as well. Unlike other surprise toys we have bought Lily, these contain good quality toys your child will play with many times. Not just the once before they end up broken or in the bin.

Lily’s face lit up when she peeked inside the box which contained both the Rainbocorn Series 2 egg and the Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts. The larger one caught her eye the most, but both eggs are extremely visually exciting. Both eggs have a unicorn horn and bright cracked egg design. Lily was shaking it and trying to work out what was inside, it caught her curiosity straight away! But we had to wait.. until today Global Hatching Day the 28th June 2019.

What is a Rainbocorn?

Rainbocorns have 10 layers of excitement including Rainbocorn poop, accessories for your child  such as bracelets, as well as stickers, clues and more. There are 12 new characters to collect, once you get to the centre of the Rainbocorn egg you reveal a very cute scented cuddly toy! (Kids seems to love that kind of thing don’t they, I remember being the same with my smelly gel pens at school!) The collection includes a Llamacorn, Flamingocorn, Pandacorn, Lioncorn, Owlcorn, and new Unicorn – plus there is a very rare golden Flamingocorn.  They all feature fluffy, colourful manes that can be brushed and styled. They also have beautiful horns and butterfly wings! Lily really loved the wings especially.

It’s Hatching Time!

And the hatching began! It starts with a “peel here” arrow which your child can easily unzip which reveals a clue to what type of Rainbocorn is inside. We had this as our clue:

We gathered from this it was something tropical! As we continued to peel off the layers we found a beautiful sequin surprise. When stroked it revealed a tropical pineapple drink! Lily loves sequin surprises like this and has a few tops like it, it is a great addition. The sequin heart can be removed and then stuck on to the toy hidden inside!

Next the best bit, hatching the egg! Inside was a guide for collectors to tick off which wonderful Rainbocorn they had collected. There was also stickers (can’t go wrong with stickers). A surprise bag much to Lily’s delight which included a very pretty twirly bracelet, with a little picture of the toy we had collected on it. Lily said “I haven’t got a bracelet like this, I love it!”.

Rainbow Poo!

Delving in deeper Lily then found some very colourful Rainbocorn poop! It’s a strange sort of texture but very satisfying to stretch and mould in to colourful poop designs (perfect for a 5year old obsessed with poo!) Hidden inside the egg was another tiny egg which revealed 2 Booboocorns, little Rainbocorn figures which can stick on to pencil tops, great for encouraging children to keep writing!

Finally the main event- our Rainbocorn cuddly toy. We had a Flamingocorn, Lily was thrilled as she loves flamingos so it was perfect. The colourful fluffy toy (which smelt tropical as well!) was called Poppy according to the collectors guide.

Rainbocorn Sparkle Hearts Egg

We then moved on to the smaller Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts egg. This was another great toy for Lily to enjoy revealing. A great bonus present. She again unzipped the packaging and revealed a smaller very cute Rainbocorn. This one had a surprise sticker on it’s tummy which Lily peeled off to show a sparkly ice lolly- suiting our tropical theme perfectly! There was another collectors guide and we found that our Rainbocorn was called Peach! There was some more Rainbocorn poop and another Booboocorn for Lily to stick on her pencils.

If you’re looking for a great birthday or Christmas present for your child I completely recommend the Zuru Rainbocorn Series 2 and Rainbocorn Sparkle Hearts. As I said earlier these are not like other surprise egg style toys. These are full of gifts that will last and your child will love. Zuru have appealed to children in all the best ways- if you asked me what Lily likes I would say unicorns, jewellery, stickers and poop! This covers them all!

o      Available at Argos and Smyths nationwide https://rainbocorns.zuru.com

These Rainbocorns were gifted to me in return for this review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I mean,this is so interesting, the hatching process makes more sense to my kids, at least they get to have a sense of how something like an egg could develop to become a chick.

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