Potty Training: How I potty trained my 2yr old in a week

So, we have been potty training. Let’s talk about one of the main things us parents discuss once we’ve had a child: Poo.

potty training

There’s no getting around it, once you become a parent your child’s toilet habits will become one of your main concerns, triumphs and topics of conversation. When Lily was a baby she didn’t just poo, she did “poosplosions”. It’s crazy how such a small thing can produce so much poo that comes out of them with such power. And the noises, oh the noises, a grown man would have been proud of them!

Choosing When To Start

Once Lily turned two I knew potty training would be the next big hurdle, but I didn’t want to rush it. I had heard that if you try and force a child in to potty training it can be damaging, and it’s better to wait a little longer if they don’t seem ready. I knew ideally I wanted to potty train during summer so Lily could run around naked, but she had only just turned two so I worried it might be too early. The other option was to wait until the following spring/summer but by then Lily would be three, that seemed a bit old.

potty training

Start With The Number 1s

We decided one hot day to go for it, strip Lily off and try and introduce the potty. At first you just spend your time asking them if they need a wee or a poo and putting them on the potty regularly. To my surprise and delight Lily quickly got the hang of it, and realised after a little dribble on the grass that she needed the potty. Lots of praise, and fuss each time ensured she kept asking. After just two days she was weeing in her potty rather than her nappy.

potty training

Tackling The Number 2s

The problem for us came with poos. This seems to be a common thing where children are almost scared to go. The first time Lily she told me she needed a poo I grabbed the potty. Sitting down seemed strange to her as she previously stood and pooed in her nappy in a squat like position. Despite me trying to get her to sit she did her usual squat, but over the potty. As the poo came out she tried to grab it! I quickly said “no don’t touch it!” and I think it shocked her. That and the smell completely put her off! She started crying and it all seemed a bit scary for her.

Using Books & Reward Charts

After three days of no poos I was beginning to think we should have waited longer to potty train. I spoke to my friend who is a pre school teacher and she reassured me it’s normal. She then recommended I get some books about potty training. Lily loves books so I thought this was a great idea. That night I went on Amazon and ordered “Even Princesses Poo!” A great book which comes with a reward chart and stickers. I also ordered “Princess Polly’s Potty” another good book with a button that cheers when you press it!

potty training

Here are some links if you want a look: Princess Polly’s Potty, Pourty and Even Princesses Poo

Once the books arrived we read them to Lily when she was on and off the potty. This way she got familiar with the idea that it was a good thing to use a potty, especially for poos. She loved the books and started asking for her “poo books” when using the potty.

The reward chart also worked wonders for her pooing. As she already had wees sussed we decided to only reward with a sticker when she had done a poo. This is still working now and she is filling the chart up quickly! Poos no longer seem to be a problem. I think the combination of the books, reward chart and perseverance paid off.

potty training

Knowing When to Give Up… For A While

Now I feel like we have got potty training sorted. Lily is even dry at night except when she is especially tired so we keep her in pull ups for now. She took to potty training so well we were very lucky. So how did I potty train Lily in just a week? I think the secret behind that was that she was ready. Once we started she pretty much did it herself. There were as I mentioned some things we did that I felt really helped: You can read my 7 top tips for potty training success! However I think it’s important that if it isn’t working for you don’t fret, it may be best to leave it and come back to it in a few months. As everyone says every child is different and they will get there when they’re ready. If you’re at your wits end and it doesn’t seem to be working just let them go back to nappies and give it another go when they’re a few months older.

potty training

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