Post-Holiday Blues: How To Beat Them

As you may have seen from my Instagram we’ve just come back from a glorious week away in Turkey. I was apprehensive about the week away as I always am about well… everything, but especially about going abroad. I worry about one of us getting ill or hurting ourselves, about the food, and if everyone will have fun. But really I had no need to this time, it was brilliant from start to finish. And I want to go straight back! The only thing with having such a fantastic time on holiday, is the massive low when you get back. The post-holiday blues.

post-holiday blues

Post-holiday blues is an ACTUAL thing, I mean there’s a Wikipedia page and everything! And there’s no surprise really. A holiday is an escape from the daily grind. No washing up, no work, no bills coming through the door, it is a total break from usual stresses. Not only that but you are in a beautiful country, lovely weather, and you get to sit by a pool all day, or go out exploring depending on your kind of thing.

When we get back to reality with a bump, and usually after a gruelling journey home, and face a mountain of washing, preparation for a return to work, and a pile of bills on the doormat, it’s no surprise we feel a bit low.

Eventually of course most of us get back in to the swing of things, but until then is there anything you can do to help ease the pain? Here’s a few things I try to do to drag myself out of my huff…

post-holiday blues

Take Two Weeks Off

I’ve tried to give my post holiday blues a heads up this year, by booking two weeks off in a row. The first week being our week away. This means that I’ve come back but still have another week off at home. In a way it’s delaying the full on post holiday blues slightly, but at the same time I’m hoping it will ease me back in to reality. At least this way I don’t have the added misery of having to rush back to work straight away.

Enjoy home comforts

During breakfast on our last day I asked Joe what he’s looking forward to about going home. Of course the initial reaction is “nothing, I want to stay here!” But even if it’s just getting in to your own bed, catching up on that series you’ve been watching (Love Island!) or eating your favourite chocolate bar, there will be some things you miss about home. Reminding yourself of those things can help.

post-holiday blues

Make plans

Meet up with family and friends, go on days out, have fun! It can be hard if you’ve got to go straight back to work (see point 1), but in that case go out in the evening or make plans for the weekend. It can be tempting to stay in and recover from the journey or sort through your washing, but getting out will make you feel a lot better mentally. Friends and family will cheer you up, plus you get to show off your tan!

Focus on other upcoming events

Most people go on holiday during the summer, when there are lots of other exciting things going on as well like weddings, christenings, etc. Having something else coming up that you can look forward to helps to focus your mind on another positive thing. It can be tempting to jump on the iPad and book up another holiday for next year, if you can afford that then why not! Or perhaps a weekend away in the UK.

post-holiday blues

Enjoy The Memories

If all else fails know that the feelings will pass, and you will have the amazing memories to look back on. Be thankful that you have had an incredible time, and keep a positive mindset that you will be working towards that next trip away soon.

post-holiday blues

I’m going to have to try and follow my own advice and hopefully I can get out of my post-holiday slump! Let me know any other tricks you have to perk you up after a great holiday in the comments!

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