Review: Petit-Fernand Personalised Labels- A Year On

I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I first reviewed Petit-Fernand Personalised Labels The year has gone so quickly and just like that Lily has completed Reception at school and is about to start her next adventure in Year 1.

Lily has LOVED school so far. We could not be happier with how she has settled in and in fact this summer holiday she has been constantly asking when she can go back and see all her friends. The start of school was not only a huge change for her but it was a massive learning curve for me as well. Lily is my only child so I hadn’t been through the whole school thing before, well not since I was a child myself!

One of my main tips for anyone about to embark on the school adventure is label EVERYTHING. People said it to me and I dutifully labelled everything yet still we ended up swapping water bottles, bookbags, cardigans. At least if your child’s name is clearly on the item it makes swapping back a whole lot simpler. But then you are faced with how you label. Do you go the whole hog and sew on labels, do you get iron on, stick on, or old fashioned marker pen…

Well I can’t sew (plus…effort!), and marker pens smudge and fade.. so I was thrilled last year when Petit-Fernand reached out to me offering me some of their bright and beautiful personalised labels. We were so impressed with them that this year I got in contact with them again as Lily has grown so we have had to buy her a whole new set of clothing to be labelled.

So I thought this would be a great time to show how well the Petit-Fernand labels really work. They have survived a whole year at school, and not just any year- Reception year. Reception where you have to wash clothes after just one wear and part boil everything to get rid of stains. If they can survive a year of Reception then they can survive anything!

I have found my original review and under the same subheadings thought I would say a bit about how I have found each aspect a year down the road starting with…

The Design

The process of ordering from Petit-Fernand is as simple as ever. As a first time school mum last year I was able to navigate the website easily and choose what I wanted. I chose a selection of iron on and stick on clothes labels, however I didn’t think about the item labels or shoe labels. The website clearly shows how these can be used but I was completely new to all this and I didn’t realise how handy they would be.

This year I have gone for the primary school value pack. I feel this will suit our needs better as Lily has multiple water bottles, shoes (we went through four school shoes and two pairs of plimsolls just last year) and of course all the clothing, so the value pack having that mixture is perfect.

Choosing the design was again great fun for Lily (and me!). You are able to choose the colour, font, and picture. This is really handy for reception children who are not yet able to recognise their name. The eye catching designs also make them stand out, and you can stick to a theme or mix and match designs. We stuck to a theme this year choosing the same design throughout so Lily can clearly recognise items which are hers.

Water Bottle

Petit-Fernand don’t just do labels, they also make lunch boxes and water bottles. Last year we went for the water bottle. The water bottle itself is very good quality, it survived multiple bumps and bashes! It’s isothermal which means it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer. It is BPA-free and phthalates-free too which is something I always look out for. Lily loves hers and it definitely added to that school excitement as during her settling in sessions she proudly showed it off to her teacher and classmates!

Stick-on Labels

But back to the labels.. The Stick-on labels are my personal favourites. Easy to apply and they stay put. No getting the iron out here, stick on and after 24hrs you’re good to go. To be completely honest we often didn’t wait the 24hrs recommended and they stayed just fine. Ensure you line up the label in the right spot, press firmly for a few seconds and you’re done. After that the labels are fine for washing up to 60 degrees and even tumble dryer resistant. We have tested this as we have a tumble dryer and pop Lily’s cardigans in it each week and the labels are as good as new! You could really use stick-on labels for all the clothing as it was certainly very simple and has had a great effect.

Iron-on Labels

These have also been great, although slightly more fiddly. Peel the label off the sheet, position it in place, use the protective paper provided over the top and place an iron on it for 12 seconds. Now I iron weekly anyway so to pop a label on here and there is really no bother, but if you have multiple children to label clothes for I suggest the stick on instead.

After a years use I feel the stick on labels actually last better, now this is totally down to my shoddy iron work rather than the product. If you don’t follow the instructions for the iron on labels properly they can peel off. If you do follow the instructions properly however you will have one extremely secure label that isn’t going anywhere!

Shoe Labels

Shoe labels are something I didn’t think about last year. I assumed Lily would have one pair of shoes and some plimsolls… haha!!!! She destroyed her first shoes after just one term, and overall we went through four pairs. She also lost a plimsoll at some point so really I can vouch for shoe labels being very needed! If you’re starting Reception it is highly likely they will need some wellies as well. Last year I wasn’t wise enough to get shoe labels so I will keep you posted on how they do this year, but they look great and i KNOW they will come in very handy.

Overall Opinion

Last year I summarised as saying: “The Petit-Fernand name labels look fantastic, they do the job well and they are fun to design. I really cannot fault these products and would certainly recommend them. The service was excellent as well with a speedy delivery and all items protected carefully inside their box. The perfect labels for parents with children about to go off to school, or who have yet again outgrown their uniform!”

This year I still completely agree with my summary except now I can say that I really know they do their job well. Lily could easily recognise items which were hers, and she is proud of the fun design. The handy booklet which the labels come in is great to keep in a drawer and whip out when needed for something new, and all the different types of labels are so easy to use. This is my second year using Petit-Fernand labels and I would recommend them highly to anyone about to kit their child out for school, or thinking about next year already.

I was given a Petit-Fernand voucher for the purpose of this review, however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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