#PassTheStoryOn with Tesco: The Everywhere Bear & The Highway Rat

Lily and I love reading together. It’s fantastic for children’s learning in so many ways: it stimulates their imagination; helps with their language skills; their concentration; and their listening. Not to mention the benefits of spending that quality time one on one with your child. A love of reading is definitely something I want to instil in Lily, as all too often books are forgotten about once children get into games consoles and TV.



Recently Tesco gave myself, Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings, and Nicola At A Blog’s Life the opportunity to take part in a fantastic book share. They sent Sarah two books for her to read with her little ones, take note of their favourite bits and thoughts on the stories, write them down and then #PassTheStoryOn. I must say Sarah and Nicola I am impressed with how shiny and new the books are still looking! As the 3rd person to receive the books I thought they might be a bit dog eared but they are pristine! Now we’ve read them I will send them back to Tesco who are giving them to a UK charity.


#PassTheStoryOn is a really great way to get kids reading more. To be honest it’s also a way to keep us parents sane as rather than reading The Gruffalo for the 1000th time you can change it up a bit! We received two books, The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler and The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb. We love Julia Donaldson, she has a way of writing that is entertaining for both a child and a parent. I find myself wanting to know what happens in the story as much as Lily!


The Highway Rat

We read The Highway Rat first, and once I got my lips around how to actually say that- “Highway Rat” I kept saying “Highway Wat” it was fantastic. Lily really took to the book. The repetitive words “Highway- Highway- Highway…” were great for her, as a toddler who loves to repeat things. The character of the rat is a lovable rogue as always in Donaldson books. Lily was very clear that he was being mean, what he did was “not very nice”. But at the same time later on she was running round the garden shouting “I’m the Highway Rat!!” She does love a baddie! It has a solid moral story to the book as well- to share. The rat likes to take food from the other animals and not share it. Lily and I had a good chat about how that isn’t a nice thing to do, and how he should have shared the food. He also doesn’t say please or thank you, so helps to teach little ones the value of being kind and polite.


The Everywhere Bear

The next book we read was The Everywhere Bear. A lovely book about a class bear that accidentally gets lost and goes on an adventure, before ending up back at the school- we love a happy ending! There is a little girl called Lily in it, which Lily loved and thought was her! We loved seeing where the bear got to next, and Lily was completely captivated as she gasped “Uh oh!!” when the bear fell down a drain.


We thoroughly enjoyed reading the two books, and love the idea of getting to read more by continuing a #PassTheStoryOn chain. Thank you again to Tesco, Sarah and Nicola for passing the books on to us. I’m off to pass them back to Tesco so they can go to a well deserving UK charity.


*This is a collaborative post and we received a Tesco voucher in return for this review and post, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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