A New Mum’s Gift Guide

If you are a new mum and you’re reading this looking for gift inspiration for your own gift list, or if you’re a new Dad looking for ideas for your other half, hopefully this will help. This is my list of great gifts for a new mum, because the latest perfume just isn’t going to cut it at the moment when you’re worried about the chemicals rubbing off on your baby’s newborn skin. Ear-rings that are yanked out by flailing arms, or a bottle of bubbly that you can’t drink for another 6 months or more until you stop breastfeeding are not great ideas either, I am here to help.

new mum's gift guide
A Beauty Voucher

Yes they will open this with mixed feelings- excitement, they can finally get their half chipped wrecked nails done. And apprehension because this means leaving the baby with someone for 30 mins/an hour. But believe me, once they have those beautiful nails done they will be glad of the gift, and the break. Getting your nails done for ladies who like that kind of thing isn’t just about having pretty nails. It’s about a bit of “me” time, a bit of indulgence, and a bit of a pamper. This is even more important for a new mum, when they are knackered from night feeds and feeling like a walking, talking milk machine, smelling baby sick wherever they go only to find it’s because they missed a bit on their neck from that mornings pukesplosion.

A bit of “me time” to feel for a second like you are still the girl you were before the baby. I had my nails done when Lily was about 4 weeks old and I still remember staring at my phone whilst my Dad took Lily for a walk round town whilst I had 30mins away to get my nails done. Afterwards I felt refreshed and pleased to be back with my baby, but I was glad I had that little bit of time to myself. If they don’t like getting their nails done then maybe a massage, or even just a hair appointment for a cut and blow dry.
Beauty voucher

New Pyjamas

A nice cotton pair that she can snuggle up in when it’s cold at night. Chances are hers have all been wee’d on/puked on/pooed on/milked on, so a nice fresh pair or two would be just the thing. It’s worth checking if she does prefer warm pyjamas or cooler ones. I had awful night sweats after I had Lily so the lighter type of PJ was better, but if she feels the cold easily go for a thermal set.

new mum gift guide

I couldn’t do a gift list for new mums without this diet staple! A great naughty treat for when energy levels drop after another night of no sleep. Also the perfect midnight feast for mum whilst baby feasts themselves on some milk. Try and subtly find out her favourite type of chocolate and stack them with a pretty ribbon tied round them and you have a lovely thoughtful gift!

new mum's gift guide
Bubble bath/bath set

Lush, Boots, or Bodyshop do some lovely sets on offer usually. I used to love to have a relax in the bath with my massive boulder boobs, closing my eyes pretending I couldn’t hear the baby screaming for yet more milk! Seriously though a relaxing bath can do the world of good.

new mum's gift guide
Nail gel kit

Nowadays you don’t have to go to the salon, you can be your own beautician at home with these UV gel kits. I went for SensationNail, usually on offer at Boots, I would recommend the starter kit. Most new mums have no time or money for regular beauty trips anymore- so with this they can do it themselves! Normal nail varnish chips easily and by the time you’ve applied it you need to go and pick the baby up again meaning it doesn’t have time to dry. With a gel kit such as SensationNail it lasts until your nails grow out without chipping. The UV light takes away any need for drying time as well. So once you’ve applied the required layers (taking about 10 minutes) you are good to go!

new mum's gift guide
A Throw/Blanket

A big snuggly one that she can sit in and cuddle/feed the baby on cold days, or have a quick nap on the sofa whilst the baby sleeps in the Moses basket. I got a throw as one of my baby shower presents and still to this day me and Lily have a cuddle under it and watch some TV on a Sunday morning. It was especially good for when I got up in the night with Lily when she was having night feeds and I didn’t want to disturb Joe.

new mum's gift guide
So there you have it, a few ideas for gifts for a new mum. Any other gifts that you got that were great let me know!
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    1. Definitely go use that voucher! I’m hoping I get a voucher this year from my OH, you can’t beat a good pamper! xx

  1. Hubby got me a massage voucher for our anniversary as I was 3 weeks off of popping and once I started bottle feeding it made my massage even nicer having a bit of silence and “me” time! such a good gift guide – agree with everyone of them! #brilliantblogposts

    1. Thank you 🙂 Your hubby is a good one getting you a massage. I would love my OH to buy me one this valentine’s actually even though my litle one is 2 now, us mum’s need some “me” time sometimes! x

  2. New pyjamas would have been fab! Especially as I pretty much lived in mine whilst recovering from my c-section. Oh and a bell to ring for assistance 😀

  3. Great ideas! I still had my nails done every 3 weeks even when my little one was tiny. Being a new Mum is so intense, so important to have a little bit of time for yourself. X #brillblogposts

  4. Some great ideas which I’m sure new mum’s would love Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. These are soon good! I was craving a good ol’ pamper after having my little man… I think people get so carries away buying gifts for your little one they forget that the Mother deserves a friction’ medal… ALL the medals… for what she has just achieved!! I am genuinely going to go to Boots and look up the UV gel nail kit too! #thatfridaylinky

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