Nanables Review: Collectable World of Sweetness Town and Rainbow Way

Nanable Delivery

We had some happy post delivered this week which made a drizzly few days much better! Seriously, where has summer gone?! One particularly grey and wet morning the postman had a treat in store for us in the form of a parcel full of Nanables Collectable Houses. Lily loves all these collectable toys and they are the kind of toy that she can entertain herself with for ages. Very handy during the summer holidays when my house looks a tip!

What is a Nanable?

Nanables are colourful little houses full of beautiful detail and include two little mini figures with each house. You can peek inside to see what type of home is inside and let children’s imaginations run wild with thoughts of what kind of world the house would be in.

Aimed at 6-12yr olds the houses and figures are tiny so I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 5 playing with them. Lily is 5 years old but as we don’t have younger children in the house and she loves this type of toy I felt confident with her playing with these. They are priced at £4.99 and I think a perfect stocking filler- well with this weather yes I am thinking of Christmas already!

Nanable Worlds

There are two themed lands which you can collect and enjoy: Sweetness Town and Rainbow Way. Sweetness town includes beautiful houses which to be honest make me very hungry as they have features which are based on sweet treats such as Milk and Cookie Mill and Lollipop Stars Dance Studio. Rainbow Town has my favourite houses including Twinkle Twinkle Inn and Sparkle Day Spa (A Unicorn based house!).

Each house has areas where the little figures can be put for example on a seat, balcony or by a table. Children can use make believe play to imagine the world these characters live in. Lily thoroughly enjoyed doing little voices for the characters and pretended they were playing together.

Peek Inside

One of Lily’s favourite features of the Nanables is that integrated in to each house is a peek inside viewer, where children can see through a little spy hole what’s going on inside. This ignites their imagination further and Lily loved looking at what the little people who live in this world were getting up to. All the interior is as bright and beautiful as the outside so it’s a treat to see.

Downloadable FREE App

Here is where I was really sold on the product, not only can children physically play with the houses, but there is also a downloadable app which is FREE We downloaded the Nanables app on our iPad where we created a profile for Lily. She could create her own Nanables character and there you can start exploring the world of Nanables. You can scan each house you collect and using augmented reality children can see the houses come to life in their very own living room. Inside the app children can explore, play mini games and collect items.

Lily at age 5 can play the app near enough independently, slightly older children would have no problem at all and I feel would really like this side of the product.

Lily’s verdict

Overall we loved this product. Collecting toys like this is something we love to do as a family and Lily finds it easy to get lost in their little worlds, entertaining herself for ages with them. The app is the cherry on top of this super sweet world for me, kids everywhere will enjoy the augmented reality and mini games involved really bringing it to life for them. It would be a great set to take on holiday as the children can play with the houses and have entertainment via the app on long journeys. Lily says “I really liked Nanables because it has houses to play with and little people. You can play activities on the iPad and help the people in the world.”

Where can you get them?

Nanables are available at:


As well as Argos and Tesco. These Nanables were gifted to me in return for this review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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