Crimson Publishing ‘Mum Hacks’ Book Review: Time Saving Tips You Need In Your Life

Recently my life feels ultra manic. juggling work with Lily along with housework, cooking, family days out, it can get a bit crazy. So it’s great when someone shows you a “Mum hack” that can save you time or energy, and you can then put that energy towards something much more important like family time.
Then there are the fun hacks or the hacks that can just make life as a parent run slightly smoother. For example I have my own mum hack about leaving my tea on the radiator in winter so it keeps it warmer longer! One that’s good for toddlers is if you peel off the background of a page of stickers it makes it easier for them to get the individual stickers off without ripping them. Another hack of mine, if you get your child to sing The Lion King song Circle Of Life, you know the one that goes “Ahhh sabenyaaa” it helps keep their mouth open when brushing their teeth! (I know I sounds like I have totally lost it, I probably have!)
Mum Hacks

Recently I was sent out a book by Crimson Publishing: Mum Hacks: Time Saving Tips To Calm The Chaos Of Family Life by Tanith  Carey. As soon as I read the title I knew I was going to love it, and it did not disappoint.

Mum Hacks helps with the modern day problem us parents have- spreading ourselves too thin. I work part time, have a house to keep clean and tidy, friends to see, family to see, Lily to look after, a marriage. It’s hard to juggle so many balls as I have spoken about previously. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In the end I feel like a failure in all areas, most importantly in parenting!

Now one of my first thoughts was, I’m already really busy and barely have time to pee, how am I going to read a whole book. But Carey has thought of that, the book has a Contents page,  so it’s really easy to find the section you need most help with. For me the most useful sections were kitchen craziness, happy holidaying, and housework hacks.
Something we’re struggling with at the moment is mealtimes. Lately Lily will say she wants this this and this for lunch so I make it for her taking time and effort, she then picks at around 1/10th of it before declaring she is full. The book helps with tips for the fussy eater, for time saving in the kitchen and loads more. I’ve put a few tips to the test already and they have been great.
Mum Hacks
It’s not only practical time saving tips Mum Hacks helps with. Simply reading the introduction helped me to see my life from another point of view. Parenting is an intense all consuming job, and it’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes. It’s helping me to really see that when I’m stressed and tired Lily will pick up on it and it will make her less inclined to be calm and cooperate, for example with getting dressed. There are tips for making the morning rush go smoothly to really help with that.
Another thing that we’re recently struggling with is having so many toys around, especially after Lily’s birthday, the house ends up looking messy with building blocks and train tracks everywhere. Carey recommends getting a maximum of 3 toys out at any one time, and then putting them back if they want a different one. We’ve been trying this and it’s really helped. Another suggestion is keeping particularly messy toys out of reach in case of disasters. I learnt this the hard way as I was putting away washing in my bedroom last week, Lily was playing in her room quietly- too quietly. When I went to check on her she had got the paint out, squeezed some in the pallet and was merrily painting her wardrobe bright yellow!
I wouldn’t even just call this a “Mum Hacks” book, it is page after page of great time saving, sanity saving tips. I wish I’d read it before having Lily! Mum Hacks is all about claiming back more time with the ones we love. As in my recent post about cherishing every moment, this is the perfect book to help with that. If this book helps you save time that is then spent doing something fun with your family instead then it’s worth it. It’s helped me organise myself and I highly recommend it to other parents.



*I was sent this book in return for a review, however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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