Mother’s Day Craft: World’s Best Grandma Medal

Another month and another occasion drawing nearer… this time it’s one of my favourites- Mother’s Day!

I love Mother’s Day as it’s the start of spring, the days are starting to feel a bit brighter, flowers are starting to show their faces, and it’s a day to give your mum a good spoiling. As a mum myself I love getting spoilt too!

As Lily and I have discovered a love for all things arts and crafts I decided this year to MAKE my mum’s presents rather than buy them. Plus what Grandma doesn’t adore a homemade gift from their darling grandchild?

So here is the “World’s Best Grandma Medal” we made for my mum:

Mother's Day

It’s not the neatest, but our crafts never are. I try to only do crafts that I feel Lily does most the work on. Otherwise what’s the point? I could have made another one that looked more uniform and “pinterest worthy”, but decided to stick to the one Lily made as I think it’s pretty sweet. Here’s how to do it:

What you need:Mother's Day

A white paper plate
Yellow paint
Paint brushes/sponges
PVA glue
Black marker pen
Decorations (glitter/sequins/feathers/sweetie wrappers etc)


Step One

The messiest part- painting the paper plate. Only one side needs to be painted- if you wanted to make it in to a hanging piece you could paint both sides. We found the sponges good at getting in the ridged border. Leave to dry. (WARNING: Lily had a tantrum at this point as she didn’t get why we needed to wait for the paint to dry before doing the rest!)

Mother's Day

Step Two

Once the plate is dry take a black marker pen and write World’s Greatest Grandma (or whatever your child calls their grandmother) in large letters. Then take the PVA glue and dribble it all over the plate avoiding the writing, as shown below.

Mother's Day

Step Three

The fun bit- decorate the plate! We used a lot of glitter (seriously still finding sparkly bits everywhere!) sequins, feathers, sweetie wrappers. Let your child go mad! Leave to dry.

Mother's Day

Step Four

Take the ribbon and cut to a length you want for the medal tails. Sellotape the two pieces down.

Mother's Day

Voila! A beautiful handmade medal perfect as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Thimble and Twig


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  1. So fun, I bet grandma loved receiving it! Homemade gifts always seem to be the best. I’ll have to try it with my own kiddos this year. #makeitlinky

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