Back To Blogging & A Good Catch Up

I’m back from a small blogging break! It’s been a mixture of lots going on, as well as a bit of writers block. For the last few days I’ve been struggling with what to write about. So instead of talking about a certain topic, I thought I’d do a catch up post on what Lily and I have been doing lately!


Beach Days

Isn’t it so nice that the sun has been getting its hat on a bit more! We’ve spent a lovely few afternoons at the beach lately. Lily has a great time throwing stones in to the sea, and running around on the pebbles (we don’t have sand at all unfortunately!). Typical of Lily she takes things a bit too far and starts chucking pebbles all over the place, so you have to duck occasionally! We also had a tantrum over a smarties ice cream this week, she didn’t like how messy it made her (she is so her father’s daughter) and this resulted in a bit of a meltdown! But all in all we love the beach. It’s just a great (free) family day out.


Just One More Bite..

I’ve been trying to encourage Lily to be a bit more adventurous with her food lately. Things she usually turns her nose up such as various fruit and vegetables she has slowly been picking at more, as I persist in putting them on her plate. If I give her mixed veg she does insist I separate all the different types before she’ll eat it, but I’m just glad she’s getting some in her!

We’ve also been sitting at the table and eating all together as a family this past week, and it has been a real breakthrough. Up until recently Lily would have her dinner (often in front of the TV) at around 4:30. Joe and I would eat after she was in bed around 8pm. This meant I was cooking two meals and it was just taking up a lot of my time. Plus I didn’t feel it was great Lily eating in front of the TV so much. So this week I’ve cooked healthy dinners that we can all eat together, we’ve sat round the table and spoken about our day. Although we’ve had a few hairy moments with Lily getting down and trying to go and play, in general she has eaten far better since. I do wonder why we didn’t we make this change ages ago!



We have a stroppy threenager on our hands! I knew it was coming as Lily has been getting more and more willful, but she really does have a temper on her nowadays. Not only the strops but having to for example ask her 5x or more to come for her bath or let me clean her teeth. I end up having to count to three or get cross with her which then results in her doing what I’m asking eventually, but not in the smoothest of ways as she’ll cry or shout! But I guess that’s just 3year olds for you!


Nursery start date!

We got the scary letter that is Lily’s nursery start date through the post this week. It’s not until September but already I feel a bit anxious about it all, as well as excited for her to make new friends and have loads of fun. I feel quite confident that she’s ready for nursery, she goes to her dance class on her own and loves it, but that did take her a while to get used to. I’m hoping once she’s had a couple of settling in days she’ll be waving me off with delight, but we’ll have to wait and see. Lily is a funny mix of confident but very much a mummy’s girl and she can be clingy at times. Mind you I can be clingy to her just as much, I’m sure I’ll shed a tear as I head to work!


Well that’s a few things we’ve been getting up to lately, I’ll be back blogging as normal from now on!

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