Should I let my child watch Peppa Pig?

Lily loves Peppa Pig. She has Peppa Wellies, a Peppa hat, a Peppa car, Peppa figurines, Peppa toy buggy, Peppa cuddly toys… I could go on.

Since Lily was about one she’s enjoyed watching Peppa Pig, at one point it was the only programme she would watch. At first it seemed a fun and harmless programme for her to watch. However increasingly I am becoming aware of its potentially harmful influence.

peppa pig wellies

Role Models

The basis of the show (for anyone who has been living under a rock/child isn’t at an age for tv yet) is a family of pigs: Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig and her little brother George. Peppa and George are both quite “cheeky piggys” (as Lily calls them) and often don’t do as they are told. For example, in one particular episode they interrupt Mummy Pig’s important computer work, and end up breaking the computer. In another episode they are asked to tidy up their room and do so, but then untidy it straight away, George is also known for not liking any vegetables and often refuses to eat them. Part of me thinks this is just a realistic portrayal of children in general, however they certainly aren’t the squeaky clean well-behaved characters that some programmes show.

Not only that but Lily seems to copy what they do and say a lot. After one particular week of Peppa overload I noticed when I asked Lily to do something she would reply “no!” In exactly the same voice as George uses in the show. It made me wonder if exposing Lily to the programme is really that good for her, maybe I should stick to “safer” programmes such as on the CBeebies channel.

Peppa Pig Car


Bad Influence?

But are we all just ganging up on Peppa? There are plenty of programmes that are just as bad if not worse. The other morning we were watching “The Little Princess” on Channel 5, now she really is naughty, refusing baths for days on end and lying about having one. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is often full of rebellious behaviour, just look at Holly’s twin sisters Daisy and Poppy turning all the elves in to bunnies or sending their teacher off to the Stone Age. Even Bing on CBeebies does things wrong that could be seen as “naughty”, he even killed a butterfly!! Unless we ban our children from watching any television they are going to be exposed to this sort of thing.


I’m sure it has to be a balance, if the child watches an enormous amount of television with these sorts of characters in I suppose it probably will have an effect on their behaviour. So much of what Lily does or says is a reflection of those around her. She often comes out with phrases that I say, Joe says or her Grandparents say. However a little bit of Peppa Pig in the morning whilst eating her breakfast I’m sure is not going to turn Lily in to a horror of a child. We try to limit TV anyway and prefer to play games, go outside or read. But really am I going to ban the little pink pig from our home… No. She stays for now, and I trust that Lily along with the millions of other children that have watched Peppa will not suddenly turn evil after watching a few episodes. Or so I hope…!

peppa pig hat


Mudpie Fridays


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  1. I had to giggle remembering when we watched the teacher being sent to the stone age on Ben and Holly’s. My children loved Peppa, the little princess and Ben and Holly’s. And actually found them quite funny myself. It has been ages now since we watched them with my youngest just turning 7. But guess what his teacher tells me tat he and one other boy are the best behaved boys she has ever taught. My daughters are silly and funny but also again very well mannered and smart children. I think it just gives them a sense of humour. Like you say they don’t watch it all day and it is up it us to rule model good behaviour, good eating and manners. We are the biggest influence when they are little and if we don’t tolerate them acting like George Pig or The little Princess then they will soon learn the difference between a funny show and real life. Awesome post! #Briliantblogposts

  2. OMG, I can totally relate with the experience you have with this show. My twins are literally obsessive about Peppa pig. Its sometimes the first thing they say in the morning, and they talk with the same language from the show. It worries me sometime. It is definitely something I want to limit them watching tbh #BloggerclubUK

  3. My daughter is Peppa Pig obsessed! As irritating as Peppa and George are, I don’t think they are too bad of an influence…lol! My daughter is only part-verbal and the other day she saw a huge puddle and jumped in it and shouted “MUDDY PUDDLE!!”! I felt SO proud that she said new words, but at the same time I thought…”damn you Peppa Pig!!!”, more laundry for mummy to do!!

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