Hello Threenager, the best age yet?

Lily is now 3 and a quarter. Although I thought the terrible twos were challenging in many ways, I can definitely see how the name “threenager” came about.


I have heard many parents’ say that 3 is harder than 2, and in many ways I agree. We have delay tactics in a massive way right now. Every time I ask Lily to do anything it’s “in a minute”. Just this evening she started dancing with her teddy, which was apparently extremely important, when she should have been cleaning her teeth. If I had a penny for every time I said “come on..!” to her, I would be a rich lady.


We have a combination of her wanting to be fiercely independent, but also still wanting her mummy lots. Of getting so overexcited it turns in to hyperactivity. When she can’t calm down until she turns in to an exhausted mess. Not to mention the tantrums.

But then again I also think this age is the most fun so far. Lily is no longer a baby, but a proper little person, and actually my little best friend. Her own personality is coming out. She laughs with me, she empathises and gives me a hug when I’m sad. She tells me she loves me, and I now feel like she knows what she’s saying when she says those words.


We go out on adventures like rainy muddy walks, trips to the theatre and have hot chocolates in cafes. She has started realising that there is a world that she lives in which is exciting and intriguing, “Where?” “When?” “Why” and “How?” are asked multiple times every day. Which can be both very tiring but also fascinating and adorable as she tries to figure out this world around her. At night, when I sit down next to her as she goes to sleep she will be quiet for a while, before spouting out something about an event that happened months ago. Clearly her mind is running wild with information as she tries to process it all.


But she’s still my baby. I mean she isn’t an actual baby anymore, that’s for sure, but she is still so dependent on me. She still wants cuddles and will curl up and fall asleep in my arms after a busy morning. The little things she comes out with and how she pronounces words is just too damn cute. She is both at that adorable little girl stage but also not at the teeny tiny stage where you can’t sit down for one second either.

Age 3 gets a lot of slack, and I can totally understand why it gets it, but so far this is one of my favourite stages. She is at an age where she is just so fun to just be around. Even on days when I am tearing my hair out, she is still the best little thing in the whole wide world to me.

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  1. My girls turn Three in about a month. It’s gone so fast but I totally get what you mean about their little personalities. I feel I can have proper conversations and their attention span is growing (ever so slightly).#postsfromtheheart

  2. My daughter is 3 and half and some days she is a Diva! But I love that she is now able to join in so much more with things and I love seeing her grow.


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