Toddler Friendly Arts & Crafts: Halloween Painting

Autumn is well and truly here! Leaves are falling, and the C word is already being banded around. But first it’s the often forgotten occasion of Halloween. I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween in general, I’m such a wuss when it comes to scary films. But what I absolutely adore is the creative side of it, the dressing up, the costumes, the makeup, and the crafts!

If you’ve followed my other posts in the series Toddler Friendly Arts and Crafts, you’ll know that I stick to very simple ideas, all of which can be done by your toddler. NO artistic talent is needed, as I for sure don’t have any! Lately we’ve been sorting out Lily’s craft box and came across some paper plates, Lily said she wanted to make something out of them and so we did! So here we have our Halloween Plate Painting…

Halloween Painting

This craft is so straightforward there’s not even really a need to do step by step instructions! But I’ll do a little one anyway..

What You Need Halloween Painting

2x Paper Plates
Paint and Paintbrushes






Step One

Take a white paper plate (I bought ours in Poundland, you get quite a few for, well for £1!) Cut in to the plate to form a hat shape, slightly older children could do this themselves. Draw a line across to separate the face from the hat. I found this helped Lily to keep the paint colours separate.

Halloween Painting

Step Two

We used blue paint and red paint mixed together to make purple for the hat. Even if you have purple paint, by doing this you are helping your child to understand colours and what different ones mixed together can create! Paint the hat, and then the face.

Halloween Painting

Step Three

Whilst the paint is still wet, sprinkle some (or in Lily’s case a LOT of) glitter on the hat. Add detail to the face: eyes; nose and mouth. Tadaa! Told you it was simple!

Halloween Painting

After we made the witch, Lily said she needed a cat! So that’s what we did..

Halloween Painting

You can make so many things with paper plates, we use them a lot. By adding eye holes and some elastic you can even make them in to masks. This was, apart from the cutting element, a totally toddler friendly craft. Lily loved it and I didn’t have to intervene much at all, the perfect toddler craft!?

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