Mother’s Day Craft: Footprint Flowers

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! It’s come round so quick! If you haven’t got a present yet for your Mum, or if you’re a Dad reading this and you haven’t got anything on behalf of the kids for your other half yet…Do not fear. This simple yet thoughtful craft is easy to make and will make the receiver very happy. Here is how you make a beautiful bunch of Footprint Flowers, we gave these to Joe’s mum and she loved them. And if you don’t fancy this craft, or are looking for another, you can see my Mother’s Day Medal craft as well.

Footprint Flowers

What You Need

Footprint FlowersPaint


White craft paper



Coloured Paper (green and red)

Little hands and feet!


Step One

Put down loads of protection on the floor/surfaces, this isn’t the neatest of crafts! The first bit however, is the most fun! Take four different coloured paints (including blue) and a paintbrush/sponge brush. Paint your little ones hand in one of the colours and place it down on a white piece of craft paper. Repeat this step with another colour on the other hand, and another colour on one of the feet. With the blue paint do the same with the other foot, this will be the base of the bunch of flowers, designed to look like a vase with water in.

Footprint FlowersFootprint Flowers









Step Two

Wash the paint off your little ones hands and feet (or let them go mad for a bit on another piece of paper!) and allow the paint to dry on the prints. Once dry cut them out, try to cut in between the fingers, don’t worry for the toes they are just too tiny!

Footprint FlowersFootprint FlowersFootprint Flowers









Step Three

Take each of your straws and roll green paper around it to make stems. Position the prints so that the blue footprint is at the bottom, with the other prints at the top in a vase of flowers type design. Attach the straws using sellotape to each of the “flower” prints at the back and attach to the blue footprint.

Flower FootprintFlower Footprints









Step Four

Add some decoration to your Footprint Flowers by cutting out some leaves and sellotaping them to the top of the “vase”. Take another 2 thin long pieces of coloured paper, twist them round a pen and attach the curly pieces either side.

Flower FootprintsFlower Footprints









Step Five

Once those last pieces are attached, you’re done! You could add some writing such as “Happy Mother’s Day” to the blue footprint, or leave it blank. I think it looks great, and it’s a lovely way to keep some footprints and handprints of your little one. Plus they will love getting good and messy with paint!

Footprint Fowers

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