Toddler Father’s Day Craft: 3D Card For The Suited & Booted Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, if you’re other half is anything like mine it is impossible to guess what they want. I’ve always had the same with my dad as well, so this year I’ve decided Lily and I will make a few bits. Starting with this cute little 3D card, perfect for those suited and booted dads out there! Here’s how I did it:

Father's Day

What You Need

2 pieces of coloured paper
2 buttons/large sequins
PVA glue
Bits and bobs to decorate

Step 1.

Now bit of a disclaimer, I always pride myself on my toddler friendly crafts. However, the start of this craft does have to be done by an adult or a much older child… Take one of the pieces of paper and fold it in half. Unfold and place the paper so it’s crease is in a tent position.

Father's Day


Step 2.

Cut two slits about 3cm down on each side of the right hand side of the card, which measure about 3cm across. This will form the collar. Fold in both sides to form a collar shape.

Father's Day

Step 3.

Now on to the tie, and this does get slightly complicated… (Are you still with me so far?) Cut the other piece of coloured paper in to a small square shape. Positioning it as a diamond in front of you fold in both sides as shown in the picture below..

Father's Day

Step 4.

Fold the sides in together once more to form a long tie shape. Take a bit of the paper you have left over and cut out a hexagon shape, this will form the knot of the tie.

Father's Day

Step 5.

Finally the toddler friendly bit: Your toddler can now decorate the tie any way they like. I squeezed PVA glue all over and Lily went mad (mainly with glitter, she knows her Dad loves some sparkle!) we also added sequins, sweetie wrappers, feathers etc.

Father's Day

Step 7.

Now to glue all the bits together. Glue the hexagon to the top of the tie and glue the whole tie in place in the middle of the collar. Now stick a button or large sequin either side of the collar for detail.

Father's Day

There you have it, a lovely 3D Father’s Day card for the smart Dads out there!

Father's Day


One of Each #littlemakes

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