Happy Father’s Day: Thank You To The Dads

Happy belated Father’s Day! I hope you’ve all been spoiling the men in your life rotten. Or if you are a Dad yourself I hope you’ve been thoroughly spoilt!

Father's Day

It’s often discussed how hard it is to be a woman, as I’ve spoken about in the past. But let’s not forget the men out there too, specifically the Dads. The unsung heroes they often get a bit of a hard time. Popular memes talking about Dads as the back up slightly rubbish irresponsible parent. About children walking past Dad on the sofa and going to ask mum for a drink (although in our house I must say there is some truth in that one!)

Joe is an amazing Dad, and I thought in honour of Father’s Day I would write a little post for him. He is our rock. Working tirelessly to provide a good life for our family, and I am so grateful for that. Setting his alarm to go to the gym at 5:30AM every day, so that he doesn’t have to go after work and miss out on time with Lily. He really does do everything he can to make us happy.

Father's Day

So for this post as well as the 2 beers, box of peanut m&ms and socks that we’ve got him for Father’s Day. I thought I would talk about Joe’s first moments in fatherhood. If you read my previous post you’ll know that Joe and I were thrust in to family life rather sooner than we expected. After just a month of being together I fell pregnant.

Prior to that Joe had been a single bachelor, just himself and his 2 cats to worry about. He spent his days working followed by hitting the gym, and then playing his Xbox. Then I descended on him, within 2 weeks I had moved in, after 4 weeks I was pregnant. His flat was swiftly put on the market (his decision in order to provide a larger home for our new family) and we were writing birth plans.

Father's Day

Both mine and Joe’s lives were totally flipped on their heads. Antenatal appointments and baby clothes filled our lives, and then before we knew it I was in labour. Joe is a squeamish guy, he’s not one for blood and guts and the thought of childbirth I know freaked him out. My mum was on standby for the big day in case he found it too much. It was still so early in our relationship and I was worried about how we would cope.

Father's Day

As we were getting settled in at the hospital it became clear that things weren’t going to plan. My contractions were still coming thick and fast but I had a failure to progress. Not only this but my heart rate was increasing. I had wires all over me and it was at this point that Joe started to look a bit pale. He said he needed some air and I suddenly became petrified that he really wasn’t going to cope.

He left the room and I had no choice but to sit and wait for him to come back. What I didn’t know was that as he stepped out the midwife and doctor were talking about a possible csection for me. He overheard the conversation and knew he needed to get us through it. He strolled back in with a smile on his face, changed out of his jeans and in to his joggers, sat down and held my hand.

“Come on, we’re going to do this.”

From then on he was a changed man. Reassuring me, helping me through the contractions, with every push in my ear telling me how amazing I was doing. From that moment on he has been the best Dad to our little girl and a massive support to me. Through the tears and tantrums (mainly mine), millions of nappies and poosplosions, sleepless nights and my seemingly endless bouts of mastitis at the start. He’s been there holding my hand ever since.

Father's Day


Happy Father’s Day Joe, and to all the other Dads out there. Thank you for everything you do.

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