Fingerprint Easter Card: Toddler Friendly Arts & Crafts

Another craft for another occasion! We love an excuse to get the arts and crafts box out.  Actually boxES- we now have two, plus a large section of Lily’s wardrobe dedicated to crafts. Who would have though it a year ago! This week we’ve been making Easter cards. I must admit I’ve never bought an Easter card for anyone and I’m pretty sure I haven’t received one either. But we thought we would make some as a nice arts and crafts activity. As usual this was totally toddler friendly so you’re not left sticking and gluing too much whilst your 2 year old is told to “Not touch that!” At least not too much anyway! Here’s how we made our Easter cards:

Toddler Easter Card

What You Need

Paint- Yellow & Purple
Black felt tip pen
PVA glue
Green foam paper or green felt
White craft paper

Toddler Easter Card

Step One

Take your white craft paper and fold it in half to form a card. Then place the green foam paper (or green felt) so that it is 1/3 of the way down, cut to fit and glue down. Lily loved feeling the different texture of the foam so this is great for sensory skills as well.

Toddler Easter Card


Step Two

The fun bit, paint the tips of your toddler’s fingers with the yellow paint. I let Lily do this herself as it made it more fun for her. Then she placed her fingers on the page close to the top of the green foam. This is the basis of our chicks.

Toddler Easter Card

Step Three

Take the purple paint and paint your toddlers thumbs. Place their thumbs on the far left hand side of the card next to the “chicks”.

Toddler Easter Card

Step Four

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry take a small pom pom ball and cut it in half. Glue the pieces on to the thumb prints to make the bunnies fluffy tails. Again this keeps the card slightly 3D which is fun for toddlers!

Toddler Easter Card

Step Five

Decorate the rest of the card. We added a sun and some birds to create a spring-like scene. With a black marker pen write Happy Easter across the green space. We also cut out an Easter egg which we had coloured in and stuck it on.

Toddler Easter Card

Step Six

Once the paint is dry draw the markings on the thumb and finger prints to create the bunnies and the chicks!

Toddler Easter Card

A really simple craft as usual but one that you can enjoy making with your toddler. You could adapt the design perhaps making some flowers out of scrunched up tissue paper to stick on to the grass. Or making more spring like animals such as lambs out of cotton wool.

Let me know if you have a go at the craft, I would love to see your pictures! Happy Easter!

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