Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for under 3s

It’s that time of year again, when I feel suddenly extremely under prepared for the big day that is Christmas. I often find myself turning to the internet and gift guides for inspiration, so here is my Christmas 2016 Gift Guide, to help you find a few presents for your family. My list is specifically aimed at the under 3s:
Christmas Toddler Outfit

1. Leapfrog My Pal Violet/Patch

I’m a big fan of the whole Leapfrog range, and the My Pal Violet/Patch toy puppy is just brilliant. Violet was bought for Lily for her first Christmas, she was 7 months old. If you’re worried that your child may be too young for the toy, Lily at that age loved it. Not only that, but she still loves it now at 2 and a half! You can connect the toy to your computer and set the name, so it says “Lily!” You also set your child’s favourite food, colour and animal. This personalisation is brilliant and Lily’s face lights up when she hears Violet say her name, it is ridiculously cute. Violet’s paws have buttons which relate to different themes: songs, talking, and lullabies. The song button is by far our favourite, from just 18months old Lily was dancing to the songs, and now at an older age she sings along with Violet. A really brilliant toy!My Pal Violet

£14.99 ToysRus

2. Book: The Girl Who Lost Her Name

This lovely book is not only a great story for little ones to enjoy, but a keepsake too. The idea is a child wakes up one morning and doesn’t know their name, so goes on an adventure to find it. On the way they meets lots of strange and wonderful creatures who help them by giving them a letter each. We got this for Lily for her first Christmas, she was a little young to understand it but loved the pictures, and I love reading the story. Now she’s older she understands that the girl is trying to find her name, and gets excited when each letter is found, happily shouting “It’s Lily!!!!”

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name


3. My First Years Dressing Gown

The My First Years range is a high quality, simply beautiful range. We have bought a few things from them but by far our favourite is Lily’s dressing gown. Or her “Snuggy” as she calls it, and indeed it is very very snugly. Personalised with her name on it and little ears on the hood, it is just the thing your little one needs on the cold winter evenings, or lazy Sunday mornings. I’ve washed the gown a lot due to cereal spillages and it hasn’t snagged or lost any of the quality. Sent in a smart gift box for no extra cost it makes the perfect gift.

My 1st Years Dressing Gown

£25.00 My1stYears

4. Mega Bloks

Lily was given Mega Bloks for Christmas last year and it was the biggest hit with her out of all her gifts. She spent most the day building with them, and I was surprised at 18months how quickly she got the hang of what to do. She will still happily sit for ages building up towers and doesn’t get bored. It’s also great if you have children of varying ages as it’s something they can all enjoy doing together. The pieces are big enough, unlike Lego, to be safe for younger children as well as being very durable.

Mega Bloks

£9.49 Tesco

5. Scramble bug

The scramble bug was bought for Lily for her 2nd birthday and is one of her favourite toys. The great thing about it is it moves in all directions. Unlike some ride on toys that will only go straight forward or backwards, the scramble bug moves 360 degrees. Lily has a brilliant time on it skidding around the kitchen, she reminds me of the Fast And The Furious cars drifting round corners! It also folds up so you can take it with you easily to friends or family’s houses. We have the bug in purple but it comes in a range of colours to choose from.

scramble bug

£33.50 Amazon Mookie Toys Scramblebug Tide (Blue/ White)

That’s my recommendations for Christmas 2016 for the under 3s. Any questions about any of the products comment below or fill out the Contact form, I am happy to help! Also any products you have found great for 2-3year olds let me know as I need a few more ideas for Lily this year!

Baby Bah-Humbug

Cuddle Fairy

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  1. Love the scramble bug. My daughter had one and we used to take it a lot of places as you could fold it down. Recommendations for 3yo would be fancy dress or play kitchen stuff 😀

    1. Definitely looking at a play kitchen for Lily, any particular one you would recommend? There are so many out there! Dressing up bits is a great idea too, thank you xx

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