Car Safety: How To Prepare For A Long Journey, In Collaboration With Point S

I spoke recently about a car accident I was involved in towards the end of last year that really affected me. I’ve always been nervous in cars, but the accident increased my anxiety a lot, to the point where I avoided (and if I’m honest still avoid) long journeys.

However, I know I can’t live my life being scared and letting my anxiety take over, and there are things I can do that can help ease my worries slightly. For example, to try and ensure the car itself is as safe as possible before heading off. In order to do this Joe will conduct several checks before we go somewhere. These checks are things that everyone should do before any journey, but especially long ones. As we approach the summer holidays many of you will be planning a trip away. Whether that involves a long trip to the airport before jetting off, or whether you’re planning a trip to visit relatives on the other side of the country, our plans will often involve driving.

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So in collaboration with Point S I have a few tips on trying to ensure you are ready for that long journey:

Check Your Tyres

Inspecting our tyres before heading off is a hugely important thing to do. When we are travelling at 70MPH on a motorway those 4 tyres are what’s carrying us along, it’s vital they are in good condition. It should say either on the information sticker on your car, or in the owners manual what tyre pressure you should have. The legal limit for tread is 1.6mm and this can be checked with a tyre tread gage. Check the side walls for damage as well before setting off. If you have uneven tyre wear it would also be worth getting an alignment check which can extend the life of your tyres. If you are looking for new tyres and live in or around Horley, you can easily get your hands on some by going to Point S

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Top Up Windscreen Wash

It may seem a less important thing to do, but visability on the road is of course hugely important. If something sprays on to your windscreen or you have bird poo or bugs on there you want to be able to wash it off quickly.

Check The Car Seat

If like us you have an isofix base for your car seat always check that those points are set to green before you head off. We constantly move around one of our car seats between cars, so making sure it’s in properly is so important. After all they help protect the most precious things in the world, our children! We have stuck with extended rearward facing, in fact Lily’s car seat should fit her until she’s 4 years old. There’s so much evidence that rearward car seats are safer I won’t go in to it in detail now, but it’s worth looking up!

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Check Lights Are Working

Something a lot of us assume is happening, however a faulty brake light can often go unnoticed as we don’t see them ourselves when we’re driving.

Take Breaks

Once we’re on the road it can be tempting to try and bash out a journey in one quick go, but driving whilst tired is on par with drunk driving. Take a break at a service station, if needs be park up and have a nap in the car, or better still book yourself in to a Travelodge and set off refreshed in the morning. It may take longer but you can make it part of the adventure and take your time.

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Just a few tips, but if everyone makes that effort and gives a bit of time to preparing the car by following these steps, then we should all be safer on the road.

This post was written in collaboration with Point S, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Enjoy your summer trips!

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