British Science Week- Learning Resources UK GeoSafari Jr My First Telescope & My First Microscope

British Science Week

This week it’s British Science Week, a fantastic week which allows children and adults to explore the amazing power of science. Science is something that I didn’t take much interest in as a child, but as an adult I am discovering finally just how interesting it is. Thankfully Lily is already incredibly interested in Science and as I am wanting her to learn from my mistakes, I am very keen to encourage this as much as possible.

GeoSafari Telescope

Lily’s most recent topic at school has been space, so when we were given the opportunity to review Learning Resources UK GeoSafari Jr My First Telescope I jumped at the chance. The GeoSafari Jr My First Telescope is aimed at children aged 4 plus. Lily is 5, nearly 6 so this fits her age perfectly. The bright colours immediately appealed to Lily and the design looks very impressive. It’s focus free, so children can easily use it without having to worry about faffing about with the lens. It has 10x magnification so a fantastic way for children to explore looking at the moon and stars on a clear night, or even just using it during the day to look at the trees and birds.

The Design

You can tell that a lot of thought has been given to providing an easy but exciting experience for kids here. The design is excellent and they have really kept the kids in mind even down to the comfort of the soft goggles and the position of the nose cut out in order to achieve perfect eye placement. The tripod which the telescope is sat on is easily adjustable and easy to set up (even for me!) Not only this but it is also easy to fold away so can be packed up quickly and doesn’t take up too much room.

Trying It Out!

Lily couldn’t wait to get her hands on the telescope. Her playroom has a bay window in it so we decided to keep warm and set up the telescope inside. After she eventually realised she needed to take off the lens cap haha she was amazed at what she could see through the 10x magnified lens. We looked at it during the day and she could see the detail of the nearby trees and birds flying around which was fantastic. It was easy for her to manoeuvre and she didn’t get frustrated at all as they can with more fiddly designs.

Let’s Talk Science

The best thing about the GeoSafari My First Telescope by far is that it really got Lily talking about what she’s learnt at school. So many times we ask our kids what they’ve been up to at school and are met with shrugs or “can’t remember” so to hear her talking passionately about science is fantastic- and what British Science Week is all about!

GeoSafari My First Microscope

After having some fun with the telescope, we then moved on to the GeoSafari My First Microscope. Lily is one of those kids where in a 5 minute walk she will gather up two full pockets, a bag and both my pockets with “special treasures”. And one of her favourite places to pick these treasures up is the beach. I do moan when she wants to take half of it home with us, but really I should be encouraging this interest in the world around us. This is what My First Microscope does so well. It allows children to really explore these objects and study them in detail.

What Does It Do

The Microscope is fully functioning, including two extra-large eyepieces and focusing knob. The large eyepieces are especially great as it eliminates the need to close one eye- something children may struggle with and find awkward or annoying to do. It also features an LED light which allows children to easily light up their treasures beneath. The microscope can magnify items by up to 8x to really see the fine details.

Exploring Treasures

As soon as we unboxed the microscope Lily rushed to go and get some of her treasures from trips out. The first thing Lily wanted to investigate was one of the shells she had picked up from a trip to the beach recently. It was amazing to see her face as she placed it under the microscope and saw the beautiful intricate detail of the shell. I actually found it really interesting myself and found myself impatient to have a look as well! She could easily use the knobs to adjust the height and focus on the shell, looking like a proper little scientist!

Fun, Interesting, Exciting and Educational

Again this opened up a brilliant discussion about science, where do shells come from, what are they made of, how do they get their shape. (Most these questions I had to look up myself, so we’re all learning!)


Out of all the toys I’ve ever got Lily these are most definitely up there as a couple of favourites. Fun, interesting, exciting and educational. We all enjoy exploring with them and I love seeing Lily learning through play, discovering a passion for science.

I was given the GeoSafari My First Telescope and GeoSafari My First Microscope for the purpose of this review, however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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