My Birthday: A Family Day Out

It was my birthday this week, and I guess I can no longer say I am in my mid 20s…sob! I’m not really one of these people who gets too hung up on that. I’m just excited for a day of celebrating! Since becoming a mum birthdays have turned from a day of being pampered, or going shopping, usually drinking and dancing the night away… to a family day followed by a takeaway in front of the telly. I used to think I would miss celebrating in the way I did before, but actually I had a perfect day.

caterpillar cake


We started the day with present opening, Lily got me some lovely new pajamas and I got some new perfume. We then set off to a quaint little tea room/shop called The Village Shop in Upper Dicker, East Sussex. It can be hit or miss taking Lily out for a meal, however since our honeymoon where we were eating out every night she has got better at sitting at a table. Joe and I ordered a full English, and I ordered Lily some toast, sausages and beans (her favourite!) It came presented in a way I hadn’t seen before and is perfect for little fingers: They cut the toast in to soldiers, and the sausages in to small pieces (see photo below). Not only did this save time cutting it all up for Lily, but it became more like finger food for her (always more appealing for toddlers!) She had great fun dipping her toast in her beans, and thoroughly enjoyed eating it all up! We didn’t need to stress and beg her to eat, she ate it all no problem, no dramas. What a great birthday present in itself!


children's breakfast


The Zoo

As you may have read in a previous post I love Drusillas. So when it came to deciding what to do for my birthday my immediate suggestion was to go there. We went straight from The Village Shop over to the zoo, and as usual had a fantastic time. It was interesting to see the zoo on a weekday, off-peak. It was nice and quiet so we could have a lovely leisurely stroll around without crowds of people getting in the way. We even got to see the penguins being fed! If you’re ever in East Sussex I would really recommend going, I review it here if you want to have a look.



Film night

Once we got home we wanted to put our feet up, so I went and got Elf and popped it on. It’s my absolute favourite Christmas film, and once my birthday is over I get in to Christmas mode. We all snuggled up on the sofa and Lily sat nicely through most of it! It’s such a feel good film with humour for the kids and parents, I just love it.



We finished the night with a yummy Chinese takeaway, including crispy duck pancakes, seaweed, spring rolls, chow mein…I could go on. It was a lovely spread and although different from dressing up and going out to a restaurant and having a meal, this way I could stay home with Lily tucked up in bed upstairs and know that I’m here if she needs me. We do go out for meals occasionally but I feel far more relaxed being at home in my pjs.

I had a fantastic birthday with my favourite people, it was a lovely little family day and we did things we all enjoyed so it went smoothly. Yes it was different from the birthdays I had in my teens and early twentys, but I am a mum now and the things that make me happy have changed. Give me a cup of tea, Xfacter and a takeaway any day over a noisy club! (Did I say I was in my late 20s or my late 70s…!?)



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