Big girl bed: Beginning The Transition From Cot To Bed

I just clicked buy on an order for a cotbed mattress, mattress protector, 2 sheets, a duvet, pillow and 2 duvet cover sets. We are starting the transition to big girl bed!

big girl bed

What is a micro fibre mattress anyway?

We’ve had to buy a brand new mattress because up until now Lily has had a PurFlo Mattress. An amazing but weird mattress that is a metal frame with a thick cover over it with lots of tiny holes. The idea is that it allows babies who roll on to their front to be able to breathe easier, and reduce the risk of cot death. I knew I wanted the PurFlo mattress as soon as I heard about it, and it’s been great. But now Lily is older she needs a more supportive mattress for her big girl bed.

Oh wow what a choice though, there is: foam, spring, micro sprung, pocket sprung, memory foam, anti allergy, micro fibre, eco fibre, and something called healthcare fibre?! It’s mind boggling. Which one will be comfiest and give my daughter the best night sleep? We have memory foam in our bed so maybe I should choose that as she always sleeps well when she’s in with us. Or maybe I should get the healthcare fibre that sounds… Healthy. A quick Google search tells me a spring mattress is more supportive though! But what if one breaks and pokes her in the eye!? I went for an anti allergy duvet set, so maybe I should go all out and get an anti allergy mattress. And what is micro fibre?!

big girl bed

The Right Choice

I asked Joe which is thought would be best. His response was the usual: “I don’t know babe, whichever one you think is best.” Well I don’t know Joseph that’s why I thought I would ask for your opinion!

Anyway, after much research and trawling through reviews I have settled on the memory foam one and hopefully that’s the right choice.

Too much choice?

There is just so many options when it comes to baby bits it leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Especially when it can be so expensive, you don’t want to waste money on a rubbish product. We will see, I’ll post a photo when all the bits are delivered and we can see how Lily sleeps! For now all that research has definitely sent me to sleep so I’m off for an early night…!


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