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It’s February 1st today, which means it is the month of luurve. Whether you’ve been married for 50 years or have just started a relationship, you better be getting your partner a present. Otherwise you could be seriously in the dog house. With money tight from Christmas, Joe and I have decided to keep things low key this year and exchange small presents. For his gift I have given him this delicious postal cake from bakerdays.
Joe doesn’t read my blog so I can be honest, ordering the cake is so straight forward, it really requires minimal effort. But it’s personalised so looks like I put in a lot of effort- the perfect gift! Plus it tastes SO good. (Yes I gave him cake that I also ate, what’s his is mine, OK!) I’ve given him his cake early so that I could do this review, and you can all see what it’s like before ordering if you wanted to for Valentine’s Day. So Joe is extra lucky as I might just get him a tiny something else as well for the 14th itself.

Ordering from bakerdays

You can choose from a wide range of designs for all occasions. I went for Valentine’s Day. Once you have decided on the look of your cake, you can personalise it. You can change the wording, or add a photo on some of them. I nearly went for one with a photo, but then I saw this design and as Joe loves his Xbox so much, let’s be honest he loves it more than my face, I couldn’t resist getting it.
You then choose the filling for the cake. You can choose between vanilla sponge, chocolate chip sponge, red velvet cake, gluten wheat free cake, dairy free cake, or fruit cake. This is an excellent selection by bakerdays, especially as it even caters for those with food intolerances. What’s more thoughtful than a specially made cake, that is personalised, and even has a photo added!? I went for fruit cake as it’s Joe’s favourite.

Delivered to you, or your loved ones door!

Now the best bit- it is delivered straight through the letterbox. No risk of neighbours signing for it and sneakily gobbling it up! (I’m a Friends’ fan and the episode with the cheesecake springs to mind!) I placed my order on Monday and it arrived today (Wednesday). So a very prompt service and excellent for those last minute gift panics!
Having been posted through the letterbox you may expect the cake not to survive, but in fact when opened it was fine! I heard a rattling and was worried it may have fallen apart, but it was a little bonus packet of love hearts. A lovely little extra touch. They also included a card. The cake is contained in the cardboard box within a smart tin, it is then also wrapped in a bag so it is very well protected. There is a paper tag you pull on and ease the cake out. I’m a very clumsy person and even I managed to get it out without damaging it! I was envisioning a big thumb print in the middle of the cake!

The Cake

The first thing I noticed when I saw the bakerdays cake was the vivid colours used. The images don’t look stuck on like some cakes of this sort. The size is I ordered is 5 inches. The cake is wrapped all around with icing, no stingy “just the top layer” cake here! My only criticism was the icing on mine had rippled, causing it to look slightly less smart. Cutting in to the cake you can feel how well it’s made. The soft icing gives way to the gooey fruity filling. Moving the slice away there was actually some syrup left on the base which shows how moist it is.
Now I’m not usually a massive fruit cake fan, but this was really tasty. The sweet icing combined with the fruity filling was amazing. I could taste the plump sultanas, the whole thing just comes together to make one of the best fruit cakes I have ever tasted. Because it’s so lovely and rich despite being a smaller cake, you could easily get a good few small pieces out of it.

What does the man who it’s for think?

He really likes it. Joe says it doesn’t taste like a normal fruit cake because it isn’t dry, he prefers a more solid dry fruit cake. However I disagree and prefer it like this, so I guess it depends on your tastes. It’s perfect as a small gift to show you care. Would I use bakerdays again? Absolutely.

About bakerdays

bakerdays provides cakes for all occasions and they even deliver 7 days a week, including next day delivery! You can find more information here:
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