Arts & Crafts For Toddlers: Christmas Tree Ornament

I love arts and crafts, and I love a homemade Christmas tree decoration, they may not always be the most delicate of things, but they certainly mean the most. Here’s how Lily and I made a fun Christmas tree ornament for our tree.

Handmade Christmas Ornament

What you need:

  • 2x empty toilet rolls
  • scissors
  • green and brown paint
  • paintbrushes
  • ruler
  • PVA glue
  • decorations (sequins/pom poms/glitter)
  • hole punch
  • ribbon/sparkly pipe cleaner

Step One:

Step one: Take two empty toilet rolls. Cut both length-ways to make two long curved pieces of the card. Cut along the rolls again to make 5 pieces of identical thickness.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament


Step Two:

Step two: Trim the 5 pieces so that you have a small piece of around 4 cm long. This will make the tree stump. Then 4 more pieces: 10cm, 8cm, 6cm, and 4cm. Which will make the tree.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament

Step Three:

Step three: Paint the “trunk” (smallest piece) brown, and the rest of the pieces green. Be sure to paint both the front and the back, you can wait for one side to dry but I found it easier to have a Lily just paint it all at once. Leave to dry.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament

Step Four:

Step four: Once dry, glue the pieces together to make the Christmas Tree shape. You may need to hold down each piece for a bit to ensure it’s properly stuck whilst the glue is drying.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament

Step Five:

Step five: Decorate! We used different coloured sequins, but you could use feathers, pom poms, glitter… The more decorations the merrier in my opinion!

Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration

Step Six:

Step six: Once the glue has dried, use a hole punch to carefully punch a hole at the top of the tree. Thread a pipe cleaner or ribbon through in order to hang the ornament from your tree!

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornament





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  1. This is such a cute craft. I love handmade decorations and am always looking for ones I can do with my 2.5 year old that he is actually making rather than me. These look perfect for that. #christmaslittlemakes

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