A Blonde And A Baby- Let me introduce myself!

Welcome to A Blonde And A Baby! Let me introduce myself: I’m blonde… I have a baby. Well a toddler now actually. Lily was born on the 8th of May 2014 and is a beautiful bundle of energy. She makes us laugh every day, and of course drives us a bit crazy too. Lily is a very active toddler (what toddler isn’t!). She loves nothing more than being outside having a good run around.

A Blonde And A Baby

I work part time but my real passion is writing, which is why I have started the A Blonde And A Baby blog. I would love for it to be a success but I know these things take time, for now I am just loving creating this little space on the internet that is my own. Hopefully others will enjoy it too!

A Blonde And A Baby

My husband and I are recently married after a whirlwind romance. I fell pregnant just one month in to the relationship! It has been a crazy journey so far but one I wouldn’t change for the world. This blog is about how we are finding our way in family life with the ups and downs and round and rounds that go with it.

As a mum I am a bit of a softie- Joe, my husband is generally the strict one, but together I think we make a pretty good team. He is my rock and puts up with all my crazy, I am a lucky lady. We bicker so much but always go to sleep with a cuddle. We LOVE arts and crafts- I didn’t think I would be writing that a year ago. The thought of paint on the carpet was enough for me to break out in a sweat! But now a week doesn’t go by when we don’t do some sort of crafting.

I am a cup of tea loving, scruffy bun wearing, soft play hating, chocolate adoring, will-probably -be-at least-10-minutes-late-to-a-playdate kind of mum, but above all I just love being a mum.

A Blonde And A Baby

This is my third attempt at the A Blonde And A Baby blog. My last two attempts for various reasons just didn’t work. This time I have found my passion and I love it. I am more than happy to work with other bloggers or companies and there is a bit more about that in my About section.

I look forward to welcoming you all in to our little world, hopefully you will enjoy the posts! Feedback always welcome!

A Blonde And A Baby

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