3 year update: Lily’s Birthday Celebrations!

Today is Lily’s birthday! I can’t believe it was 3 years ago that our adventure in to parenting began. So much has changed in that time, not only has Lily changed so much from that tiny baby, but I’ve changed a lot too. The developments that happen to our children in the first few years is really astonishing. When I think back to that 7lb baby who couldn’t even smile or helps her head up, and now my big girl who never stops talking and running around!


Speech and Language

This time last year, Lily was saying odd words but not consistently stringing sentences together. She was a slightly late talker compared to others I knew her age. She is a perfect example of how all children learn at their own pace, as now she is a proper little chatterbox! Her vocabulary is so vast. The way she can now describe and explains things has developed so much in the last year.

Something she’s just started doing recently is singing! It’s the sweetest sound her little high pitched voice singing along to Frozen.. or Little Mix! (Shout Out To My Ex is her absolute favourite!)



What can I say, she never sits still! Lily likes to run everywhere. Rarely sitting in her buggy for 5 minutes without complaining she wants to walk. She is now a size 7 foot and has a bigger collection of shoes than I do! Her favourite thing to do however, is dance. As I’ve spoken about recently, she’s just moving up to the big girl class and is going in to the classes on her own. This has been a massive step for us as until now she’s only ever been looked after by family. Dance has been great for Lily in so many ways. It’s improved her confidence, her balance, her rhythm, it’s a great active thing for her to do, and she’s made some lovely little friends.


In terms of other movement changes she’s walking up and down the stairs rather than crawling now, although we still supervise her. She can also jump up and down really high! Her throwing and catching has come on so well this year. She enjoys kicking a ball about playing football, and I’m looking in to starting her at a little kickers club.



Going outside! Her absolute favourite thing to do is to go on a walk with my Dad, her “Dandad”. She’s always loved being outside and that has continued this year. As she’s getting older I hope that can carry on and they can go for long walks together. Her other love that has increased this year has been for something a lot less healthy- chocolate! What can I say, she takes after her mummy! She loves a packet of chocolate buttons, and has recently developed a taste for mint matchmakers! (Yum!) She still plays with her ELC HappyLand toys a lot but has started make believe playing more. She will do the little voices and makes up little adventures for them to go on. Her self play skills are still as good as ever, she’s always been excellent at sitting and playing happily by herself.



The main one at the moment- “mans” she is at her most shy around male strangers. I was exactly the same when I was her age and I know it’s something she will just grow out of. In the mean time she just offends a few of my male friends when we see them! Another big dislike much to my distress is any vegetable. I dish her up all sorts peas, sweet corn, tomatoes (I know technically they’re a fruit but Lily feels strongly that they are in the vegetable category!) it worries me that she’s not getting enough vitamins and minerals, but I try and hide as many as I can in homemade pasta sauces and things.


Social Skills

These have come on leaps and bounds. As I’ve said her dancing has played a big part in this. She now has her little best friend, Lola. It’s lovely to see them playing so nicely together. She sometimes takes a few minutes to warm up to new children but then she will happily play with them, running around giggling. It will be interesting to see how she gets on at nursery in September. She’s very empathetic towards other people, she picks up on people’s moods quickly and always knows if me or her dad are sad about something.


I couldn’t be prouder of how Lily’s doing, she’s turning in to her own little person instead of just being my little baby now. The character and personality that’s coming out is fantastic. She is adventurous, funny, clever and a little bit crazy, stubborn as a mule of course, and a little diva but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Happy Birthday Lily!


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  1. This is so lovely to read. I had forgotten what children were like at that age as it seems ages ago that my 5 year old turned 3 and it’s a way off for my 1 year old. I’m jealous of her collection of presents #LittleLeaps

  2. Ahhh I LOVE this age. We have a few 3 year olds around us and it seems to be the age where their personalities really shine through. Plus it’s hilarious when they sound so adult. I bet her Little Mix singing is wonderful! x

  3. Happy Birthday Lily! I love this age, since my eldest has been three (now 3.5) he’s been a dream – watch me curse this haha. I agree that all do learn at their own stage, it’s so crazy how quick children can go from non-verbal to total chatterboxes, from non-walkers to running around ha.

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