3 in the bed and the little one said…Part Two

It has been just over a week since my post “3 in the bed and the little one said…I’m going to stretch out and boot you in the face”. As promised I’m doing an update on how it’s all going with attempting to get Lily to sleep in her own bed all night. So without further ado, here’s how the week went:

Night One: The first thing we needed to do was convert Lily’s cot bed to its bed form. Easier said than done!! A lost instruction manual that was eventually found, and many swear words later the bed was constructed.

cot bed

With the bed made, new duvet cover and sheet on and cuddly toys assembled, what could go wrong? Fireworks. Yes, I picked the night of the year when everyone decides to let colourful explosives off in their back gardens, and make a right old racket. No sooner had Lily settled to sleep in her new bed than BANG WHOOSH, fireworks galore. Suffice to say Lily ended up in our bed, at around 9pm as well, not the best of starts, but as the first night of our annual leave we were having takeaway and I couldn’t be doing with cold curry, a screaming child, and the constant fireworks going off.

Result: Fail


Night Two: Right, knuckling down time, yesterday was a practise. The night started off well, Lily slept in her room undisturbed between 7pm and 11:15pm. I was in bed by 10pm so woke up to her calling out for me. I went in and she was sat up so I lay her back down, there was a few tears but she was OK. I sat on the foot stall of the nursing chair in her room and all was quiet… Maybe this was working! Until I tried to get up to leave. Now I have mastered some ninja moves since being a mum, I’ve got the drop and roll to a fine art, but the minute I stood up it was “MUM?” And back down I sat. I know many people who would say leave the room, let her cry and she will soon realise she has to sleep in her room and that’s that. Well they are probably right, I know it has proved successful for so many people. The thing is it just doesn’t sit right with me. I want if possible to do this transition with minimal tears. So I sat and I sat and I did manage to get back to bed for a bit but after 2hours of back and forth to Lily’s room and Joe begging me to bring her in so we could all get some sleep, I caved.

Result: Fail.

cot bed

Night Three: After a busy day and a very grumpy Lily from the bad nights sleep before, I thought she might sleep better… I was wrong. At 9pm she stirred and sat up calling for me. Joe and I were downstairs attempting to watch TV and have a cup of tea. I went up to Lily’s room and she was sat up, when she saw me she started reaching up her little arms expecting me to pick her up and take her in to my bed like usual. Instead I gave her a hug and explained that mummy is here but she needs to sleep in her own bed. We came up with two rules with the new bed: Rule One: No jumping on the bed (it’s feels quite fragile) and Rule Two: Sleep in the bed until it’s “sunny”.

I lay her back down and sat on the stall again. After a few minutes she started to cry. I told her mummy is here and gave her one of her teddys to cuddle. All was quiet so I crept back downstairs. Joe was there waiting and at this point it is starting to get a bit tense between us, he doesn’t agree that we should be making her do this and feels like she will sleep in her room all night when she’s ready. I know where he is coming from but I feel like it’s something we need to do. A few minutes pass and sure enough Lily is stirring again, calling out for me. I head back upstairs feeling like a failure, like every other mum is doing it right and I’m not. Like I have created a bad habit that now I can’t break. I go in and before I know it I have lifted her in to my arms and taken her in to our room. She is asleep in a matter of minutes, knowing she is in our bed where she feels safe and relaxed.

Result: Fail

cot bed

The remaining nights of the week I reverted to the usual routine of her coming in with us. It was our week off we had waited ages for and it was being taken over by this transition. Not only that but the broken sleep was making Lily and me tired and grumpy. I’m still trying to encourage Lily to sleep in her bed, I’m certainly trying to settle her back in her room when she stirs rather than just bringing her straight in with us, but I’m not putting too much pressure on it. I’m not giving myself a deadline of a week to get it sorted and I will continue to gently encourage Lily to sleep in her bed all night. To be continued…

cot bed

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