20 Facts About Me!

You may have seen the #20FactsAboutMe Tag going round lately, I love it as so often we end up blogging about our family and others and we don’t speak much about ourselves. I have loved discovering more about the men and women behind the blogs!

20 Facts About Me



I’ve been tagged by the fantastic Erica over at The Incidental Parent, she came up with a great list of facts so go over and have a read of hers as well!

So, here goes my 20 Facts About Me:

1. I don’t drink caffeine, but I love coffee, so go for decaf every time!

2. I’m a really emotional person and used to cry a lot, but now I can’t because I have Blepharitis which is a problem with my eyelids and it makes it worse if I cry!

3. When I was in college I had strips of blue extensions in my hair, one of my friends still calls me “Bethany Blue“.

4. When I’m not at work you can usually find me in leggings! Just so much more comfy than jeans.

5. I studied drama and theatre studies at university and love acting…

6. But I hated university.. it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

20 Facts About Me

7. I love a nice pair of socks, if I’m wearing nice socks I’m happy.

8. It took me two attempts to pass my driving test. Both times I got 0 minors (on the first attempt I got 1 major). I am still terrified of driving.

20 Facts About Me

9. I once lied to get a job over summer and said I wasn’t at university, then made up a tangled web of lies when I had to leave to go back in September!

10. I was brought up vegetarian, but decided when I was a teenager that it wasn’t for me and I wanted to eat meat!

11. I don’t like jelly. When I was a child I hated it when pudding at parties was always jelly and ice cream.

12. When I finished university I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I got a job in Ann Summers. I ended up staying there for a year and it was the best job I’ve had so far! (But paid rubbish).

13. I’m quite small- 5ft3!

14. I also have quite small feet- size 4 (3 and a half to be precise)

15. I love messing about by speaking in different accents, Australian being my favourite- it really annoys Joe (so I do it more!!)

16. I love to belt out a tune around the house, usually a soundtrack from whatever Disney film Lily is currently obsessed with.

17. When I was at school I sung at The Royal Albert Hall as part of the choir.

18. Picnic food is the best food- we sometimes have indoor picnics in the winter to satisfy my cravings!

20 Facts About Me

19. I suffer from anxiety and worry about every little thing. Joe never worries so we balance each other out well.

20. I’ve never been to IKEA, but am rectifying that at some point soon as we need new furniture in Lily’s room, finally!

Phew! That was surprisingly hard to think of 20 facts, I got stuck on about number 4 for ages. I hope you all feel you know me a little better now. I am tagging:

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  1. Fab post! I was never really emotional, until I had kids. Now I cry at everything! Haha! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. These are great posts and learning more about the person behind the blog took me four times to pass my test Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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