Best Buys: Primark haul- Tops, Jeggings AND Knickers!

Best Buys

I’ve decided to start a new section of my blog called Best Buys. Whenever I come across an excellent product or items I will write a post with the details. If I find something that could be a help to other parents out there I want to spread the word! It could be anything from a diary that has helped me become more organised, or a toy that Lily hasn’t put down because she loves it so much.


Primark Haul

I’m going to kick things off with my recent trip to Primarni aka Primark. I know there are some parents out there who wouldn’t have there little ones dressed in anything Primark, and fair play to them. I however love the place and I’m not ashamed to say it. Yes sometimes the sizes and quality are a bit off and stepping in there can be mayhem, but there’s no denying the cheap prices.

Children grow fast. There’s a reason that baby sizes only go up in such small increments: 0-3months; 3-6months etc. So I really see no point in buying anything but the odd thing in designer/expensive brands. You can have a well dressed baby simply in Primark and supermarket brands. They all tend to end up with poosplosions on them anyway (I will get through a post without mentioning poo soon!)

What I bought:

  • 7 pairs of knickers
  • 6 tops
  • 4 leggings/jeggings
  • Total price: £20.80

That’s an average price of £1.22 per item. Who can argue with that?! It really is perfect for the basics. I probably wouldn’t dress Lily in what I bought for a special occasion, but they are perfect for trips to soft play or lazy days around the house.



They had a great selection of boys and girls clothes. I decided to pick up a few long sleeved tops for when those winter days start to creep in. I am also slightly obsessed with jeggings- both for me and Lily! They look smart when dressed with a nice top, but also casual and comfy enough to move about in whilst at the park. As some of you may have read we are going through Potty Training at the moment so stocking up on cheap knickers is essential right now, these simple pink cotton knickers are ideal.

I’m very pleased with my bargains from this shopping trip, and my bank account is too!



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