Best Buys: My Poundland Bargains

This weeks purchase was down to a little spur of the moment trip to Poundland on my lunch break. As you may have noticed from my previous posts Lily and I have been really enjoying our creative play at the moment. However as newbies to arts and crafts we have little in terms of crafting materials in the house. So yesterday on my lunch break I decided to pop in to Poundland and see what was there. What I love about Poundland is you can really get some great items for children. I always stock up around Lily’s birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween on some great little items. They may not be the best quality but when it comes to things like stickers quality doesn’t really matter, as long as they stick they have done their job! I plan on buying a few more bits as stocking fillers at some point too.


What I bought: 2x sparkly alphabet sticker sheets; sequins; a brush pack; alphabet foam stickers and PVA glue.

How much it cost: £5.00

It’s well known that young children learn best through play. Lately I have been finding Lily is really coming on leaps and bounds since we have been doing more creative play. I especially liked the sparkly stickers (the girl just loves stickers!) and the added bonus that they can help her learn her letters. She already knows some letters: M for mummy; D for daddy; G for grandad/grandma and L for Lily. I’m hoping this will help her recognize even more. Another good buy I thought was the brush pack. She can experiment with different sponges and make patterns. They use similar brushes in the art class she goes to on a Monday. Finally, I couldn’t leave without getting some bling as she is the sequin queen!

My plan for the weekend is to get the paints and brushes out and paint a firework picture. We will include lots of the sequins I’m sure, and I’ve seen a trick where you cut up an old toilet roll and it makes a great firework stamp, I will keep you posted on how I get on!


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