Arts & Crafts for Toddlers: Sweet Wrapper Suncatcher

One of my New Years Resolutions is to cut out sweet treats in the week…but why do we make these goals just after Christmas when we have a million sweeties and snacks in the house!? Because of this I have been trying to get rid of all junk food in the eating it all- cue me scoffing my body weight in Quality Street. The plus side of me gaining another stone to lose is I have saved the see-through wrappers to make this sweet little suncatcher with Lily. It’s a pretty simple craft but here’s how to do it:



What You Need To Make the Suncatcher:

Quality Street wrappers
PVA glue
Sticky tape

Sweetie Wrapper Suncatcher

Step One:

Stretch out a large piece of clingfilm on a table (with something down to protect the table, we always use a splash mat!) and dribble the pva all over. I have extra wide cling film which seems to do the trick well.

Sweetie Wrapper Suncatcher

Step Two:

Place the sweetie wrappers all over the cling film, don’t worry about adhering to a pattern, let your toddler put them anywhere they like, try to mix up the colours, or you could stick to a theme of say two colours only. I like the strawberry cream Quality Street best so there is a lot of red in ours! Add PVA to any extra bits needed for example where a wraper overlaps another wrapper.

Sweetie Wrapper Suncatcher

Step Three:

Once completely covered, dribble another layer of PVA over the wrappers. Allow to dry overnight. If you use PVA glue it will dry clear so don’t worry about it looking messy right now.

Sweetie Wrapper Suncatcher

Step Four:

The next day cut out a shape of your choice, we went for a heart. You could do a star, a cloud etc. Sicky tape a piece of string to the top, and once dry it can be hung in a window. So there you have it, a little homemade suncatcher.




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